NFL First Guessing – Week 3

Well I don’t have a lot of time this week as I’ve been out of town and at a conference for work.  So I’m just going to put up my picks.

Oh and by the way, the Bears rock, and I’m excited for tomorrow.  Should be a good litmus test game.

Tennessee @ Miami

Miami’s got to win a game at some point right?

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis

I hate saying this because I would love for Jax to win, but it should be a really good game.

Washington @ Houston

Washington’s bound to win a game sometime soon too right?

Green Bay @ Detroit

Every single headline about the Bears Lions game last week should say “It’s ridiculous how close the Bears were to scoring 40 points.”  So can this amazing offense Roy Williams seems to think Detroit has score in the double digits this week?

NY Jets @ Buffalo

The Jets have actually not looked nearly as bad as I thought they would, and this may actually be a surprisingly exciting game.

Carolina @ Tampa Bay

I never thought that one of these teams would start 0-3, but both have just looked awful so far.  However, Tampa has not been able to move against two good defenses, and now they’re going aganst another.  I don’t see that changing.

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh

I finally picked Pittsburgh to win.  Are you happy now, Jonathan?  I didn’t pick this to appease you, but Pittsburgh at home coming off a pretty pathetic offensive performance in Jacksonville, you’ve gotta think they’re going to have the guns blazing.  They’ll probably play well just for fear of being “chinned” by Cowher.

Chicago @ Minnesota

Minnesota has had two close fluke-y wins against two decent teams and Chicago has had two dominating performances against bad teams.  I’m really hoping Chicago takes Minnesota down a peg this week.  Of course, I’m always rooting for that.

Baltimore @ Cleveland

I’m rooting for Cleveland all day on this.

NY Giants @ Seattle

Let’s see if Feeley can miss 5 this time.

Philadelphia @ San Francisco

Easy enough.

St. Louis @ Arizona

Yeah, Arizona may finally be able to run the ball on someone.

Denver @ New England

Yeah I’m picking New England even though I keep saying that I don’t buy them this year.  We’ll see if I can keep saying that.

Atlanta @ New Orleans

I want New Orleans to be a for real 2-0 team, but they beat the Browns and the Packers.  Come on.

Okay, so there we have it.  Go Bears!

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