NFL First Guessing – Week 4

Well, we’re four weeks in and as usual there are some things we expected and some things we didn’t.  And by we I mean me.

 Expected Things:

– Cincinnati is good
– Payton Manning and the Colts start off hot
– Oakland/Detroit/Green Bay all suck

Unexpected Things:

New Orleans starts off 3-0
– Tampa Bay and Carolina have both looked terrible
– Rex Grossman looks like a damn good Quarterback

So with that last point, I segway into Bears talk.  It was amazing to see a 2 minute drive for the win, and to see Rex overcome the non-stop blitzing by Minnesota that would have shaken anybody up (and the less than average officiating).  And also, he got through his third game without a life threatening injury!  (I just knocked on wood)

Named Offensive Player of the Month.  When was the last time a Bears Offensive Player let alone a QB got that?
However,  it pissed me off when I listened to the radio later to hear people saying that the Bears were gifted that fumble that put them in good field position for the last minute drive.  Now granted that fumble was certainly helpful, but the Vikings shouldn’t have even been in the lead if Grossman hadn’t gifted them a touchdown.  No one seems to remember that.

And now onto the picks.

Last Week Record: 8-6
Season Record: 27-19

Miami @ Houston

Houston’s due for a win one of these days, and Miami has turned out to be the most overrated team of the season.  They have yet to look good this season, and have had a pretty weak schedule.  I’m seeing them once again underperform this week.

New Orleans @ Carolina

Never thought I would actually be picking New Orleans to make it 4-0, but they are just on a roll.  I love McAllister and Bush being in the backfield at the same time.  That’s been a scary combo, and Sean Payton has been brilliant at using Reggie Bush as a decoy.  Carolina needs this game and Steve Smith is back, so this could end up being a very interesting game.

Minnesota @ Buffalo

I still think that Minnesota is a little overrated.  They have a very good defense, but their offense really isn’t all that good.  The Bears totally controlled the second half of last week’s game, and Rex through a very ill-advised pass that put Minnesota in the lead.  Their offense didn’t do anything virtually the whole second half.  Buffalo’s defense is good, and they can shut the Vikings down.

San Diego @ Baltimore

This should be a great game, and it’s a tough one to call, but I feel like San Diego is still kind of unappreciated, and even though Rivers is really going to be put to the test, he’ll just dump off to Gates all the time, helping my fantasy team.

Arizona @ Atlanta

Well once again Arizona is looking a little overrated, and they can’t handle decent defenses.  So that’s why I say Atlanta wins this game.  However, I will say that it was awesome to see Atlanta’s running game shut down.  Hopefully that is a sign that the rest of the league is figuring them out as well.

Dallas @ Tennessee

It’s so hard for me to take Dallas this week with everything’s that’s happened with TO and whatnot over this past week, but Tennessee is really, really, really bad.

Indianapolis @ NY Jets

Alright, here’s my upset special.  The Indy secondary has not been that good, and the Jets passing game has been way better than initially thought.  I think this will turn into a surprisingly high scoring game.

San Francisco @ Kansas City

This has Larry Johnson 50 fantasy point week written all over it.

Detroit @ St. Louis

I’m hoping that Martz pulls out all the stops against his old team.  And we need the annual “Matt Millen cheering in his private box because his team finally won their first game of the season” shot.

Jacksonville @ Washington

This should be a great game as well, as Washington is clamoring to get back into it, and Jacksonville is just good.

Cleveland @ Oakland

Bad vs. worse.  I guess I’ll go with bad.  Although I’m praying this matchup means that LaMont Jordan will finally put up more than 4 points in fantasy (what a crappy pick that’s turned out to be so far).

New England @ Cincinnati

This should also be a great game, but Cincy is just too good.

Seattle @ Chicago

The game of the week, and the game that has a little less meaning for Chicago than it could have.  Because now when Chicago wins everyone will say “Well, Sean Alexander didn’t play so…”  Which is unfortunate, but even with Morris starting, Seattle is still a really tough team, and this should be a great game.  The Seattle passing game versus the Chicago secondary should be an amazing matchup to watch.  But since it’s in Chicago, I give the edge to the Bears.

Green Bay @ Philadelphia

No brainer there, and since between my two fantasy teams I have McNabb, Reggie Brown, Westbrook, and LJ Smith, I should have a huge week.

Time for the Bears to make a statement.  Go Sexy Rexy!

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