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Steve Irwin R.I.P.

Well everyone has heard by now that the Earth’s beloved Steve Irwin has died. I personally loved the Croc Hunter, as it was a joy to watch someone who was incredibly passionate about what he did, and of course it was fun to see him almost kill himself over and over. So it was only a matter of time really, but nevertheless I was sad to see that the danger of his passion finally caught up to him. So this is my web version of holding up my lighter in memory. I will always have fond memories of going home over Thanksgiving break, staying up late eating chex mix (nuts n bolts), and watching Croc Hunter.  Steve, I hope you are chasing snakes and crocs in a better place.

1 thought on “Steve Irwin R.I.P.”

  1. Nice tribute. He was certainly one-of-a-kind, and, as you said, his passion was his greatest appeal. Too bad 99.9% of us don’t ever get to be that passionate about our labors.

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