10 Things We Learned from the Bears Game Last Night

1 – Morgan’s heart can take a lot of beating before it explodes.

2 – Matt Leinart is going to be an amazing QB.

3 – Brian Urlacher is amazing.  He absolutely refused to let us lose that game (19 tackles!).

4 – Rex Grossman is still young.

5 – Devin Hester is the most electric special teams player the Bears have had in a while.

6 – An offensive line is important, isn’t it Arizona?

7 – The Bears players and staff should avoid saying “destiny” as much as possible, and instead say “we got lucky on that one, and we did not play well.”  They need to be angry about the fact that they did not deserve to win that game, and they managed to pull it out of their ass.   They’re lucky to have a bye week, and they should be determined to go back out and dominate like they had been, because they nearly got embarassed on prime time (in fact, I still feel like we were embarassed, even though we won).  And the perfect punching bag is the San Francisco 49ers, who we’re playing in two weeks.  I expect nothing less than a monstrous ass kicking in that game.

8 – I lost both of my fantasy games, and didn’t care.  Well we didn’t really learn that, it was just an observation.

9 – No team had ever lost two straight games when leading by 14 or more points after the first quarter, until last night.  The Bears had only come back to win when down by 20 or more points at the half once, until last night.

10 – The Bears are still undefeated, and their defense showed that they are still fully capable of taking over a game if the offense can’t do it.

Wasn’t pretty, but the perfect season continues.

1 thought on “10 Things We Learned from the Bears Game Last Night”

  1. Excellent observations. But if they do this again, I’m turing the channel. I needed to take an extra heart pill to get thru it! Grossman still needs some growing, and the Bears need to keep humble. The season is still young yet, and as we saw Monday night, anything can happen, including losing.
    Catch ya later.

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