Baseball and NHL

First off.  For those of you who don’t care about my sports posts, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much else recently.  Things had been pretty crazy busy, but I have a bunch of non-sports posts that I want to do (I even have them in my palm pilot.  I am a J).  So please hang on and don’t leave me.  I’d miss you.  I have a couple ideas of things that would allow you all to comment more, which I’m thinking of trying out and I hope you would enjoy.  And one other thing I’m going to do is move my Wannabee Deep Thoughts to being their own blog category so that it will hopefully inspire me to write some more.

Now for those of you who do care about sports, and the small minority of those people that are also people that care about what I think about sports, I’ll go on.  Well I stopped caring about baseball a while ago what with the Cubs being the Cubs, but the playoffs are always interesting.  Baseball playoffs always seem to mean a little more than other sports’ playoffs.  There’s only 8 teams total, a five game series to start, and it seems like every game really counts, and every team that makes it really deserves to be there (except San Diego last year).  I’m pulling for the Twins, but the Yankees are so freakin loaded, which sucks because I hate them with an unrivaled passion.  And by the way, if you hate Derek Jeter as much as I do, you’ll love this Onion Article.  I would also love to see Detroit win it all, but they’ve just been so slow and unenergetic lately, I just don’t see them taking out the Yankees.  But I’ll be rooting for it.

And my Cubs thoughts.  Dusty Baker and Andy McPhale-ure are both gone!  Woo-hoo!  Okay, now what?  Well, Joe Girardi and a whole lot of money.  That’s what’s next.  I don’t really have any suggestions, but I think this off-season for the Cubs could be immensely entertaining.  They’re going to have more money to spend because no big dogs are up for arbitration, and they have less “paying players who are not on the team anymore.”  So the Cubs may go buy a whole new team (apart from Lee, Ramirez, and Zambrano, even though I wouldn’t mind them dumping Ramirez, but I don’t think they will because he pads his numbers well when it doesn’t matter), who knows?  It should be interesting.

Oh, and also hockey starts tonight!  Oh wait, I meant…… (bored and mumbling) hockeystartstonightwoohoo.  Yeah the Blackhawks will still suck, so I’m already getting my “stopped caring” warmed up.

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  1. Hey, man, at least there’s no curse for the Blackhawks, right? Having lived in Boston during one particular baseball season, I don’t think there’s ever any harm in starting a sports season under the mantra “Believe.” Sox fans never let losing consistently get them down, and eventually it came around… 🙂

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