NFL First Guessing – Week 5

(singing boisterously) Bear down, Chicago Bears!
And let them know that you’re wearing the crown!
You’re the pride and joy of Illinois
Chicago Bears, bear down!!

I practiced singing that fight song all night, as I witnessed the glory of the Chicago Bears becoming the best team in the NFL on Sunday night. They are easily the most complete team in the whole league, and I’ve just been blown away at how they are able to dominate in every aspect of the game. Tommie Harris is a beast, Bernard Berrian is a legit top notch receiver (which was one of the things I was worried about going into the season), Desmond Clark may have been a good tight end this whole time (who would have thought?), and Rex Grossman looks like the QB the Bears always thought he could be (I’m sorry I ever doubted you). So with all that, the Bears are now #1 in the ESPN Power Rankings for the first time that I can remember, and with their upcoming schedule, they may not leave that spot for the rest of the season. A little early, but oh man is it good times for Bears fans right now.

Berrian may actually be a tough receiver, as well as a downfield threat.
And with that, let’s get to the picks.

Last Week Record: 8-6
Season Record: 35-25

Detroit @ Minnesota

So in a friendly wager between my brother-in-law and a friend, we guessed how the Lions would end the season, record-wise. I picked 9-7. Wow am I looking way off. I just don’t even understand how they can be this bad. It seems like they should have a decent team, they can just never get it together on Sunday. And I’d like to say that I called the whole “Minnesota is overrated” thing, because now all the football experts are jumping on that. So I guess because of that and blind hope, I’m picking Detroit this week. They have to win sometime.

Tennessee @ Indianapolis

I can’t imagine taking Tennessee over anyone right now, except maybe Oakland. One question I have for the Titans is why did you go get Kerry Collins and not just start Billy Volek? Volek is not a top notch QB, but he’s suitable if all you were looking for is someone to start until Vince Young was ready to go. It just seems like a total waste of time to pick up a guy who’s aging and probably won’t give you much, wait for him to try to learn the playbook in the first two weeks of the season while getting killed by defenses, just to be forced to put Young in way too early. I just don’t understand that move. So Indy’s a pretty easy pick this week, and hopefully Reggie Wayne will light it up for my fantasy team.

St. Louis @ Green Bay

Steven Jackson should have a huge day, although Favre probably will too.

Buffalo @ Chicago

Dick Jauron’s return to soldier field, and even though I think Buffalo is an extremely underrated team, there’s no way Jauron can do his “playing not to lose” style and get away with it against this Chicago team. Losman will throw like 3 or 4 picks in this game.

Cleveland @ Carolina

I think Cleveland is well on their way to being a good team, but that should be a couple years down the road.

Washington @ NY Giants

I really want the Giants to win this game because I can’t stand the Redskins, but the Giants D has been big time underachieving and the Redskins offense is just now coming to life. Overall this should be another shootout.

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans

I feel bad for Tampa, as they should have been a lot better than this this year, but now that they don’t have a backup plan for Simms (maybe Jonathan Quinn is still out there and Tampa can feel true pain like we did a couple years ago), they’re already throwing in the towel for the season. Also, I’ve been an idiot on my last two New Orleans picks. I picked Atlanta to beat them in their return to the Superdome. The 85 Bears would not have beaten New Orleans that night. And then I picked them to beat Carolina, when I knew that the wind would come out of the sails, but I guess I was just hopeful for them. But this time I think the pick is a little easier.

Miami @ New England

So holy statement win batman! I did not see New England beating Cincy like that. Brady has two tight ends as weapons in the passing game, and virtually nothing else, and can still beat up a pretty good defense. Crazy. And I feel like such an idiot for passing up on Maroney in fantasy. He’s for real. Oh, and Miami blows, and I’ve already started chanting “Joey! Joey!” Come on. It has to happen. What would be even better is if he took over and was just amazing. That would be hilarious.

Oakland @ San Francisco

I kind of want to take Oakland in this game, since they’re coming off a close game, and San Francisco just go their ass kicked, but I just can’t take Oakland, even though San Francisco is coming back to earth really fast. I know it’s funny that I’m saying a 1-3 team is coming back to earth, but their offense has certainly been far better than any of us expected, and that’s what’s coming back down. Even though I hate Oakland, I’m hoping LaMont Jordan has a big game for my fantasy team. I don’t feel bad being a fantasy fan for this game.

NY Jets @ Jacksonville

I was SOOO close to calling that Jets upset last week. That’s a loss that the Jets can still feel good about. And Jacksonville’s D got smoked last week. I have to imagine they’ll tighten it up this week.

Kansas City @ Arizona

Hmmm, this is a tough one to call. Arizona has been almost as disappointing as Miami, but their receivers are so talented that if they have a QB with thumbs, they can make something happen. This might be the perfect team for Leinart to start against. Not too tough of a D, but a good enough team that it looks good when you beat them.

Dallas @ Philadelphia

Ah, the return of TO. More drama for the stations to push as much as possible (a la Manning vs. Manning). However, Terry Glenn is who Philly should pay attention too, as he’s much more of a threat right now.

Pittsburgh @ San Diego

Ah good ol’ Martyball last week. Philip Rivers is a better QB then that, and San Diego should have won that game.

Baltimore @ Denver

Baltimore is an overrated undefeated team.  We’ll see if Denver can change that this week either way.

So I didn’t pick any crazy upsets this week, but I got kind of burned by it last week. But I was really close to having a great week.

Also, funny fantasy football story. I was down 40 going into Monday night with McNabb and Brown playing in one league, and I was down 11 with Westbrook, LJ Smith, and Brown going in the other league. I won the game where I was down 40, and lost the one where I was down 11. Thus is football.

Chicago Bears, bear down!!

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  1. Yah, so Joey actually did start against the Pats and showed vintage form with two crucial interceptions in his own territory that gave my Pats the reletively painless win. So if Dante had started would it have been more?

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