NFL First Guessing – Week 6

I can hardly express how good it feels to be a Bears fan right now.  At the end of this past week, the Bears had the top average points per game for and the top average points per game against.  So by that measure, the Bears actually have the best offense AND the best defense in the league.  Wow.  They are crazy good right now, but it is only 5 weeks, and that’s what I’ve been telling myself all week so that I don’t get too excited.  But still, wow.

That’s really all I have about the Bears.  There’s really nothing to complain about, and it’s hard to just talk about the things we’re doing well, because we’re doing everything well.

So on to the picks!

Last Week Record:  11-3
Season Record:  46-28

Buffalo @ Detroit

I lean towards taking Detroit on this, but I just can’t take them again.  They’ve burned me for three straight weeks (and they should have won last week), which probably means they’ll win this week just to prove me wrong.  And Buffalo is a little bit better than the Bears made them look, but the Bears make almost everyone look bad.  Losman should be able to pass like crazy on a ridiculously bad Detroit secondary.

Houston @ Dallas

I really want to take Houston in this game, but come on.

Carolina @ Baltimore

Baltimore’s overratedness (I think I just made up that word) really showed last week and Carolina’s getting on a roll.  Baltimore has not had a passing TD to a WR yet.  That won’t change this week.

NY Giants @ Atlanta

This should be a pretty good game and I guess I don’t have much else to say about it.

Tennessee @ Washington

Washington looked awful last week, but they can’t possibly lose to Tennessee can they?

Cincinnati @ Tampa Bay

Gradkwho?  Talk about biting me in the ass.  I benched Joey Galloway on my fantasy team, and he does amazing.  Didn’t see that coming.  In regards to fantasy, I’m rooting for Housh in this game.  Take it to the Housh!

Seattle @ St. Louis

I’ve heard a bunch of people taking St. Louis in this game, and though the Seahawks got trashed by the Bears, they’re still a good team, and St. Louis has played NO ONE so far.  I just can’t imagine St. Louis winning this game.  Wouldn’t be the first time I’m wrong.

Philadelphia @ New Orleans

NO is everyone’s second favorite team right now, and this is hands down the toughest game they’ve had yet.  I just can’t see the home field magic continuing for them.

San Diego @ San Francisco

Easy enough.

Kansas City @ Pittsburgh

This is just the game that big Ben needs.

Miami @ NY Jets

Jo-ey!  Jo-ey!  He actually looked pretty good, although he threw the classic Harrington terrible picks that won the game for Tim (aka the Patriots).  With Joey in there, this game may actually turn out to be a total shootout.

Oakland @ Denver

Umm, yeah.  And I hope the “Which will happen first, the Bears lose or the Raiders win?” conversation lasts for a while.

Chicago @ Arizona

Arizona has arguably the worst Offensive line in the league, and the Bears have arguably the best Defensive line.  And Arizona has a rookie QB going.  The Bears will eat Leinart alive.  Seriously, I’m predicting like 9 sacks by the Bears in this game.

Well thanks to the 6 teams on bye, this is a short week for picks, though a pain in the ass week for fantasy.

Either way, go Bears!  You’re the pride and joy of Illinois!

2 thoughts on “NFL First Guessing – Week 6”

  1. The bears need to pretend they lost that game so that they’re all pissed off about how they played for the next game. I fully expect a total bears blowout next game.

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