NFL First Guessing – Week 7

So like I said in my post the other day, I lost both of my fantasy games thanks to the Bears, and I didn’t care.  I needed Berrian to not let Boldin do 15 points better than him to win one game, and I needed Gould and Grossman to get 22 points between the two of them to win in my other game.  I thought both would happen easily, but then Grossman turned into Brett Favre (from this/last year) and we lost the game.  But wait.  No we didn’t.  The Bears may have played their worst game of the whole season, and they still one.  Great teams find a way to win when some facet of the team is not working, and that’s exactly what the Bears did.  Two words for you, Brian Urlacher.  Ended up getting credited with 25 tackles.  I don’t know the last time I saw a defensive player just take over a game like that.  It was inspiring.  It was like when Sam picks up Frodo on Mt. Doom.  I’m so glad I have two jerseys of his.

For more Bears thoughts, you can read my post from Tuesday.  But we’re on bye, so I don’t need to worry too much this week.  Oh and go Lions.  I never get tired of the “Matt Millen in the VIP box seat cheering when the Lions finally win their first game of the season” shot.  It only took 6 weeks this year.  Way to go, Matt.  Way to go.

Last Week Record:  8-5
Season Record:  54-33

So two weeks ago every single team that was favored won.  And this past week all kinds of underdogs won.  I picked one week really well, and the other not so much.

Jacksonville @ Houston

With how well David Carr has been playing, I’m always wanting to take Houston, but I just can’t.  Despite the fact that Reggie Bush has been a little disappointing so far, he sure would look good in that backfield.  Not that he would do anything more in Houston, but that would certainly help out Houston, who suddenly has a passing game.

Carolina @ Cincinnatti

This should be a great great game (for fantasy too), and even though Cincy is reeling and Lina is rising, I think Cincy can get back on track this week.  They’re just too talented to not.

New England @ Buffalo

Buffalo looked like such an up and coming team until they got crushed by Chicago, and then edged out by the winless Lions.  They’re falling pretty fast, but I hope they hold on a little, as they have a lot of potential.  And I’m not saying I believe in New England, but I sure keep picking them a lot for some team I don’t believe in.

Pittsburgh @ Atlanta

Atlanta is overrated, and Pittsburgh has been under performing.

Philadelphia @ Tampa Bay

Well New Orleans proved that they’re for real, or at least when they play at home.  And Tampa is a good team, they’ve just had really tough breaks so far.  This should actually turn out to be a great game.

Detroit @ NY Jets

Two in a row?  For my brother-in-law’s sake, let’s hope not, just so that it gets Millen out of Motown as quickly as possible.

Green Bay @ Miami

Two bad teams, one expected to be bad, one expected to be good.  Hmmmm, I guess I’ll just take the home team.

San Diego @ Kansas City

SD overtook the Bears for #1 in the power poll this past week, and I can’t disagree.  They’re a scary good team, especially if Philip Rivers is as solid as he’s looked so far.

Denver @ Cleveland

13 points against Oakland?  At home no less?  That was sad.  Don’t be surprised if Cleveland puts up a pretty good fight here.

Minnesota @ Seattle

Minnesota was gifted another win from the Lions last time, making 2 (arguably 3) gift wins so far this year for them.  Seattle won’t do the same thing.

Arizona @ Oakland

How on earth can you take Oakland?  Because it would be kind of funny, first of all, even though I have nothing against the Cardinals.  However, I have to say Dennis Green is not very good.  HIs offense went out and moved the ball against arguably the most dangerous defense in the NFL, and really didn’t do anything to blow the game, other than not being able to run the ball at the end.  And what does Dennis Green do?  Fire the offensive coordinator.  Why?  To take the heat off of him.  I fully believe that.  Now an offense that was doing okay has to go out with a new coordinator on short rest against the worst team in the last decade.  It just seems like this is setup to be ultimate heartbreak for the Cardinals.  Maybe Randy Moss will actually show up.  Who knows?

Washington @ Indianapolis

Leaving the Bears to be the only undefeated team in the NFL.

NY GIants @ Dallas

How long before someone kills TO?  It has to happen at some point doesn’t it?  Every team he goes to becomes “The Team that has TO” rather than whatever they were before.   That just doesn’t spell “super bowl team” for me.  Not that this is the super bowl, but NY is coming around, and Tiki Barber is a monster.

Alright there we are.  Football!!

3 thoughts on “NFL First Guessing – Week 7”

  1. Wow, that Skins over Indy pick is BALLSY.

    And … ahem. Underperforming? Did you even watch the PGH/KC game? Sorry, just had to get that in.

  2. Well, they were freakin 1-3 going into that game. That’s what I’m referring to when I say underperforming. That was them waking back up. Come on, keep up J-lock.

  3. You might want to start believing in the patriots. Brady is finally starting to click with his group of no-name receivers, and the running game is just nasty with c-dill and the big LM.

    Am I sold on the defence? Meh…but all they have to do is hold teams to under 24 points.

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