NFL First Guessing – Week 8

Well it had to happen at some point. I was sub-500 in my picks last week. I blame it on the fact that the Bears didn’t play. I had a bye week too.

So like I said before about the Bears, I want nothing less than a 55-3 ass wupping of the 49ers this week. Truth be told, I’ll just be happy with a good win (not ugly like two Mondays ago). This really couldn’t be a better timed game for the Bears. They come home from a strange win that felt like a loss, and they get a bye week, then play at home against the 49ers. It’s perfect really.

And there’s been all kinds of talk this week about Cedric Benson. I like Thomas Jones and I still think he should be the starter, but I do agree that Benson needs to get in the game some more. Jones hasn’t been awful, but he’s not been very dominant, and for a team that keeps talking non-stop about how they’re a run first team, it’s just not going to cut it. So Ron Turner (Offensive Coordinator) said “we’re going to play Benson every third series.” Why the Bears coaches always say things like this is beyond me. Why can’t they just say “Benson will be integrated into the offense a little more” or something like that? But my theory is that he actually said that and purposely went so public with that to kick Thomas Jones in the ass a little bit and get him running like he did last year. This is the perfect game for Jones to get rollin.

Oh and quick Blackhawks thought, since I’ve only had a few (wow it’s sad to think that I used to be obsessed with them). The Hawks start off 4-2 (eh, not bad) and had the highest scorer in the league in Havlat. They then lose not only him, but Khabibulin and Handzus. And now they’re 4-5. Someone up there really hates the Hawks. So just when I was starting to care a little bit, I’m pretty sure that was crushed, and with the Bears being who they are, why would I even bother anymore?

Okay on to the pics (I need to get the Monday Night Football theme music right here. Just play it in your head, we all know it).

Last Week Record: 6-7 (*sniff*, *sniff*)
Season Record: 60-40

Baltimore @ New Orleans

N’awlins is not losing at home, especially to a suddenly struggling Ravens team (or maybe a Ravens team that has come back to reality).

Seattle @ Kansas City

Wow, KC beating San Diego last week. I don’t think many of us saw that coming, but they looked quite impressive. And Seattle is falling hard, just in time for everyone to blame the “Super Bowl Loser” curse as well as the “Madden” curse. It’s unfortunate, not only because I kind of liked Seattle, but now the Bears spanking of them is not looking as good.

Arizona @ Green Bay

I just want to pat my own back about the fact that I called Oakland beating Arizona last week. Not that LaMont Jordan got me a single fantasy point or anything, but it was nice to pick that right. Arizona is falling really hard, and my first round pick of Edgerrin James in fantasy is looking worse and worse. I may not start him again this season.

Atlanta @ Cincinnati

Wow, impressive win from Atlanta last week, and Michael Vick once again was able to rise against the criticism, though I still doubt him to come through in a big pressure situation, but whatever. Either way, Atlanta’s D looked a little exposed last week, and Cincy’s offense should be able to take advantage of that. However, this should end up being a very good game.

San Francisco @ Chicago

Okay, so a more realistic score to predict: 27 – 7

Houston @ Tennessee

Just looking at this game on paper I initially roll my eyes, but I have to confess, I’m kind of intrigued by this game. I’m not really sure why. David Carr maybe. Yeah, let’s just go with that.

Jacksonville @ Philadelphia

Both of these teams really need this game, and both are good teams that just haven’t quite gotten it done recently. So I give it to the home team.

Tampa Bay @ NY Giants

62 yard field goal to win the game. Wow. This actually should be a really good game.

St. Louis @ San Diego

San Diego’s stock went way down when they couldn’t be KC and they lost Merriman. Which is a shame. I like this team and I hope they can still get it together.

Pittsburgh @ Oakland

But wait, Oakland’s coming off a big win! Ummm yeah.

Indianapolis @ Denver

My Washington over Indy pick last week was looking really good at the end of the first half. And then…. um….yeah. So maybe this is wishful thinking, although I do think that Denver has a good shot of winning this game, and believe it or not Denver’s actually favored to win this game (which I still don’t understand). If I was a betting man, I would take the points given to Indy, and probably take them for the straight up win. However, I’m not, so I’m going with Denver.

NY Jets @ Cleveland

Looking at this game on the schedule at the beginning of the season seemed like an amazingly bad game, but it’s actually not such a bad one now. Two up and coming teams.

Dallas @ Carolina

Dallas is a mess. Tony Romo might be able to move, but he can’t win this game. TO should make his head explode in no time.

New England @ Minnesota

And there I go picking New England again.  Alright, Tim, maybe I’m believing though not realizing it.

Alright, hopefully I do a little better this week.

Bear down, Chicago Bears! (…da da da da da da da da da da da….)

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  1. Yah so the pats rolled through the vikings with no problem…this week is the true test as to whether you are a true Patriots believer…at home vs. Indianapolis. My nightmare scenario is Vinatieri beating us on a last second field goal like he did against Denver this past week. That would be a LOT of salt in the wound of losing.

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