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Random Halloween Thoughts

So I haven’t really been able to come up with a full post that isn’t about sports, so I figured I’d just give some more random thoughts on Halloween (they don’t necessarily have anything to do with Halloween).

– Halloween is always a good reminder of just how much fear mongering that local news stations thrive on. I remember every single year there would be some story about how someone dressed as Homey the Clown or something like that was carrying around a sock with a brick and was just hitting random kids and stealing their candy. There was also always the stories of some house putting razor blades in the chocolate bars. Every year this would happen to make over protective mothers say “No more fun anymore!” Luckily I did not have one of those mothers, so it was always fair game.

– I also remember one Halloween experience in which some kid tried to steal my candy, and a friend and I ran after him, knocked him down, and took the candy back as he ran off. So score one for the good guys right there.

– I love scary movies. LOVE THEM! I’m curious as to why I do, and I really couldn’t tell you. However, here’s the best I can come up with. I always hesitate to go see romantic comedies or romantic movies in general because I always leave the theater thinking “I wish my life could be like that. My life sucks.” However, when you see a horror movie, you leave thinking “Thank God my life isn’t like that.”

– I’m so neurotic it’s exhausting. I hate it.

– The weather in Michigan this past week basically was like the last scene in Lost in Translation. It was 62 for one full day, and was glorious, and now it’s immediately cold again. So we got one last kiss before the weather had to catch a plane.

– I hate when people at open mic nights act like it’s their gig. “Thanks so much for having us out tonight…”

– Old bad habits are so easy to add to your routine, and old good habits are so hard.

2 thoughts on “Random Halloween Thoughts”

  1. – I read somewhere that no one has ever actually done the razor blade in candy thing. It’s an urban legend.
    – your reaction to romantic comedy is similar to the reason I stopped reading romance novels in high school. I started having fantasies about being swept off my feet as I walked home from school and I knew that that was something that had to stop, for the sake of my mental health. However, I still hate horror movies.

  2. What were you dressed as when you were the subject of the attempted robbery?
    Who helped defend your candy and did they get a reward? (Jeremy Sturm?)
    I was the best gorilla ever this year.

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