Random Thoughts

Random Thursday Thoughts

– Why do people always say “It’s like Deja Vu all over again”?

– Beautiful women rule the world. I wish they didn’t have such power over me. To quote George Costanza, beautiful women are Godzilla “and I’m thousands of fleeing Japanese.”

– Why couldn’t God have given me a calling to be an accountant or something instead of a musician? It just seems like that would have been a lot easier.

– Do you ever wonder what the land at your apartment place looked like two thousand years ago? I also wonder about who stood where I’m standing right now 400 years ago. It’s amazing to think that time can change so many things so that I would have nothing in common with that person from 400 years ago, however, we stood in the same place.

– I love sports so much it’s ridiculous, and I really don’t understand why. I just do. And I like the Pinella hire for the Cubs. It says to me that the Cubs are committed to winning right now. Expect a whole bunch of crazy offseason signings/trades from them. It’s gonna be fun.

– I’m so sick of guilt. It contaminates everything from politics to relationships, and especially religion. There’s so much damage that can be done from guilt.

– Why do people always say “It’s like Deja Vu all over again”?

– I’m also sick of this administration and this war. Well I guess I’ve been sick of it for about 4 years and running.

– I love consuming media. I group video games, books, movies, tv shows, and music all into this. However, I really don’t have time to consume them all, so it really would be wise for me to just drop one. But I just can’t. I guess I’ve mainly dropped reading and video games, but I just can’t let them go entirely. The Nintendo Wii is coming out soon, as well as new Zelda and Final Fantasy, so books may be the first to go, and shortly after that, the rest of my IQ.

– It’s so awkward when you have a crush on someone who works somewhere that you frequent and you want to ask them out. If it doesn’t work, do you still go to that establishment? Do you know that she/he feels the same way about you, or are they just like that with everyone? Well I’ve done it again, in that I have a crush on someone and I’m going to ask them out. Let’s hope this one works out better than the Bookstore Girl. Either way I’ll probably write a song about her.

– All the lonely people, where do they all come from?

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  1. It seems no one has waded in on your confusion about the “Yogi-ism” quoted above. As our boss loves to tell stories about Yogi Berra, all of his famous quotes make sense to Yogi, especially when you know his perspective. E.g. “when you come to the fork in the road – take it.” This makes perfect sense when you know that Yogi lives in a neighborhood where as you approach his house, you must take one side of the fork or another, and his place is exactly opposite the fork, which loops around and meets in front of his home. From his perspective – just take the fork, you’ll get there.

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