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It Took the Dead…

Here’s a new song I just wrote, kind of in reaction to my previous post. I guess it has to do with the fact that it seems to me like the world is so sad right now. So here it is.

It Took the Dead Returning to the Earth to Make Me Realize I Loved You

In a wordless moment everything changed
My efforts suddenly worthless, just one of those days
And the hardest part is not knowing where you stand
I think I may have lost you before this began

So come on, wake up
You know I’m counting on you
I thought I was enough
To pull us through
And I’m sorry for all I’ve done
You know I was never good at this part
And so it starts
The waiting
I’m forever in the waiting

All of this pain, I thought it could end
But hello sadness, you’ve joined me again
Well pull up a chair, it’ll be a while because
Turns out I’m not the person I thought I was


Please don’t let go
Don’t let go on me yet

The waiting
Are we forever in the waiting?

© 2006 Morgan Foster

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