NFL First Guessing – Week 11

Well this past week was a “whew” week in a lot of ways.  Chicago came out and overcame some adversity and won a very, very big game.  I won one of my fantasy games (which believe it or not was an improvement over the past few weeks), and am back in first place in that league (I’m basically out in the other league).  And I had a winning week again with my picks.  So everything’s back on track, finally.

I don’t have much to say other than that Bears game felt good.  The offense took a while to get going, but they just kept pushing it, only made one bad turnover, and thanks to a great heads up play by Thomas Jones, was able to get everything going again.  The defense actually looked pretty good the whole game, but the run defense is still a concern.  The Bears lack of a rushing defense is solely because of the absence of Mike Brown.  Him and Urlacher are our two best open field tacklers, and no one else has been able to step into Brown’s role and really do a good job.  Hopefully the coaching staff can figure out a way to fix that and soon, as both the Jets and the Patriots have very good running games (despite the Jets not really having a running back at all).

The rushing D is actually 10th in the league, but it’s the biggest weakness we have
It was also strange to actually see the Bears use the shotgun formation.  We had not used it once all year, and they bust it out three times, and all three times it didn’t work.  I’m kind of wondering if they purposely made those not work, just so they could say to all those people who keep bitching for the shotgun (I’m one of those by the way), “See it didn’t work anyway!”  I guess they’re not the Cubs, so I can be a little more trusting.  But not much.

Also, the Bears are playing in the same stadium two weeks in a row, and it isn’t their own.  That’s just weird.  However, assuming they can play as well this coming week, I’m fine with it.

Well that’s all I got in regards to the Bears, so on to the picks!

Last Week Record:  10-6
Season Record:  82-62

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland

Late playoff run?  If any team has the potential to do it, it’s Pittsburgh.

St. Louis @ Carolina

St. Louis was looking like a great sleeper team to start the season, but I think they’re going to fade pretty fast, especially since Seattle survived their injuries well.  Carolina is entirely bi-polar, so who knows with this game.

Atlanta @ Baltimore

Atlanta is fading fast.  Really fast.  And Baltimore apparently is as good as they were when they started the season.  This could actually turn into a total blowout.

Washington @ Tampa Bay

Two teams that were supposed to be a whole lot better than this.  This is really anyone’s game, so since it’s the opposite of what you’re usually supposed to do, I’m taking the away team.

Tennessee @ Philadelphia

With how up and down Philly’s been, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if they blow this game.  But since they’re definitely the better team, I’ll still pick them.

Chicago @ NY Jets

This actually might be a really tight game, which doesn’t make me feel very good, but I’m going to keep going with my boys.

Cincinnati @ New Orleans

42 points in the second half?  I swear Cincinnati is out to spite my picks.  Well not this week!

Minnesota @ Miami

We’re almost to a point where the Bears could lose the rest of the season and still win the division.  I think if the Bears win, and Minnesota loses this, the Bears may have it already sealed up.  Although everyone’s jumping on with Green Bay, even though they’ve had a pretty cake schedule for the last month.  And Miami’s beaten two teams in a row they weren’t supposed to be able to beat.  Their defense should be able to shut down the useless Vikings offense.

Oakland @ Kansas City

Yeah Oakland got their two wins.  I think they’ve had enough.  And why didn’t they trade Moss before the deadline?  Honestly, why in the hell are they even bothering with him?  He’s an awful teammate, and he’s sucking up all kinds of money.  I really don’t get why they didn’t dump him and try to get a draft pick or two.
Buffalo @ Houston

Oh man Buffalo should have won that game.  This game is the battle of the up and comers.

New England @ Green Bay

Well go figure the second I declare that maybe I do believe in this New England team, and they lose two straight for the first time in 4 years.  If they lose this game, I’ve officially jinxed them.  Sorry Tim.

Seattle @ San Francisco

This is the perfect letdown game for Seattle.  They just get Hasselbeck and Alexander back, and are playing a weak opponent.  It’s perfectly setup for the Madden/Superbowl loser curse to kick in.  At least for the weak.  However I don’t believe in curses (right Cubs?), so I’m taking them anyway.

Detroit @ Arizona

The battle of the worst in the NFL.  Come on Detroit, since I’ve picked you, you have to lose this game.  If they do, you think Millen’s gone?  Please?

Indianapolis @ Dallas

They’ve got to lose sometime right?  Have you ever seen such a “meh” 9-0 team?  They’ve totally dodged bullets in at least two games this season, and they’re defense is still not very good, and yet they’re the first team ever to start off 9-0 in consecutive seasons.  It’s kind of weird.  Oh, and this past weekend when watching TV, my dad’s best friend kept saying “Where’s TO?  Is TO playing?”  just to piss off my dad, who hates TO.  It was hilarious.  But seiriously, have you ever seen a more distracting player than TO?  I’m so glad he’s not on my team (I take back what I said during the offseason, if you remember).

San Diego @ Denver

Oh man this is going to be a good game.  And holy cow is Philip Rivers solid.  I’m taking SD simply because they’re the more talented team, but this should be a great game.

NY Giants @ Jacksonville

I think the Giants have the potential to freefall after the tough loss to the Bears, and Jacksonville’s not an easy place to play.  However, I think they can bounce back.

Until we meet again!

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  1. They’re both horrid people, but I think in the end I’d rather have TO than Randy Moss. I used to be a huge Ross defender, but that got old quick. So there you go – I think that Moss is more of a distraction than TO.

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