NFL First Guessing – Week 12

Ah Thanksgiving, the best football holiday ever. Oh and family.

And a big, big game this weekend for the Bears. Playing against my rival Tim. And the Patriots. I don’t have much to say about it, but I think it should be a good game. Although if the Bears lose, we’ll have to put up with all the “the NFC sucks” talk. Which is kind of true, but hopefully the Bears can stave that off for a little bit.

Last Week Record: 9-7
Season Record: 91-69

Miami @ Detroit

Well, Detroit is officially the worst team in the league. You think if Joey beats them in Detroit on Thanksgiving, Millen’s gone? We can only hope. The official protests by Lions fans should have started already. They should do the Oriole’s fans’ thing and all leave the game at the exact same moment. That would be awesome.

Tampa Bay @ Dallas

Goody, just what I wanted to see on Thanksgiving. Announcers constantly putting TO in a little yellow circle.

Denver @ Kansas City

And the best game of the night is on NFL network. That’s not irritating.

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore

Baltimore’s good, but I’m still not really buying it. Probably because I can’t stand Baltimore.

Carolina @ Washington

Even though Dallas did beat Indy, I still think Carolina is the second best team in the NFC.

New Orleans @ Atlanta

510 yards?! With how bad Atlanta’s D has been, if Brees can even put up half of that, they should win this game.

San Francisco @ St. Louis

I know San Fran has won a few straight now, and this should be a high scoring affiar, but St. Louis is still the better team.

Houston @ NY Jets

The Jets beat the Patriots and then lose to the Bears, and suddenly everyone’s doubting them again. Could it be that the Bears just have a really good defense that’s tough to score on? I still think the Jets are a pretty good team, and they should get back on track this week.

Arizona @ Minnesota

I would love nothing more than to see Zona win this game, but I just can’t imagine that happening, even though Minnesota is falling fast (who predicted that?)

Cincinnati @ Cleveland

Wow is Cincy’s defense bad. But Chad Johnson has had more yards in the last two weeks then I even knew was possible for a receiver. This may be a pretty high scoring game.

Jacksonville @ Buffalo

Here’s a prediction. Jacksonville will be the weakest team to make the playoffs.

Oakland @ San Diego

If San Diego needs to come back from anything in this game, that will be crazy.

NY Giants @ Tennessee

So the Bears beat the Cardinals, and they have since gone down the toilet. They beat the Seahawks, who have since come down quite a bit, and they beat the Giants, who looked like crap this past week. How many more teams can the Bears send spiraling down the toilet? Patriots perhaps? My point being, the Giants going into the Bears game looked great, and now they look terrible. So I don’t know why I’m taking them. Oh right, they’re playing Tennessee.

Chicago @ New England

Well since I’ll be watching this with Tim, I absolutely have to take the Bears here.

Philadelphia @ Indianapolis

Oh man Philly started off the season looking so good, and I’m pretty sure they’re done now. As may be both of my fantasy teams, since both of my teams are basically banking on Philly.

Green Bay @ Seattle

So here’s my upset special. I’m not entirely sure why, just seems like this could happen, and I had to pick some upset this week.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And happy football! So far this season, it’s been that for me.

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