NFL First Guessing – Week 9

Ouch, my second straight week with a sub-500 record.  I’m losing it.  And I tell you what, my fantasy teams are going down fast too.  I had by far the lowest team total in both leagues this past week.  Yikes.  However, I’m somehow still in first place in my division in both leagues (even though I’m 3-5 in one league).

So some quick Bears talk.  It cracks me up how every week they win, some story comes out that someone from the team they’re about to play said something about how the Bears aren’t that good.  I say keep it coming, because all that does is pump us up.  It’s like talking trash to Steve Smith, you just don’t do it.

Also that whole “Who’s the most overrated player….” thing, that was such a joke, and I loved the way everyone hyped up that Brian Urlacher was second on that list.  it was such a meangingless survey of only NFL players that also included Peyton Manning on the list as an overrated player.  I don’t think the players surveyed are dumb, I think it’s just an incredibly dumb survey.  Honestly, who came up with that and thought it was a good idea.  I just imagine that most of the players asked are sort of backed in a corner and are like “ummm… I don’t know.  Who’s in the news a lot?  Urlacher?”  Lame.

And I loved the Urlacher quote when someone mentioned that Chambers said “Arizona gave a blueprint for how to beat the Bears because they dominated for three quarters.”  Urlacher’s response was “Well I don’t know if you noticed, but we play four quarters in the NFL.”  Oh man, that’s good stuff.

overrated my ass
Also, the Bears are unbeatable at home, so you can probably imagine what my pick is going to be (though I am forced to start Ronnie Brown and Chris Chambers in fantasy).

Oh, and the Lions stink (surprise, surprise).  To quote Bill Simmons,  “Matt Millen is determined to pass Isiah Thomas as the worst GM ever.”

Last Week Record:  6-8
Season Record:  66-48

Atlanta @ Detroit

Here’s my upset pick of the week.  Atlanta is rising, but they’re defense is falling fast.  Detroit’s offense should be able to score a surprising number of points on them and make it a total shootout of a game.  Also, I feel like I haven’t had any good crazy upset picks in a while, and at least one happens every week, so I figured this one is as good as any others.

Miami @ Chicago

Chicago at home, and Chambers talking trash.  Done and done.

Green Bay @ Buffalo

In the words of Donald Driver “We’re still in it.”  Umm, I wouldn’t go that far, but they certainly are a very different team than the one that got smoked by Chicago on opening day.

Cincinnati @ Baltimore

I guess this is an upset pick too.  I’m just assuming that Ocho Cinco (Chad Johnson for those who don’t listen to as much sports radio as I do) is going to be a little more aerodynamic without his mohawk.

Dallas @ Washington

Washington’s done.  Nice work on all the free agents though.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay

I so don’t want New Orleans to have come back down to earth yet.  Please.  Although at the same time, I do want Galloway to get like 4 touchdowns this game (fantasy).

Kansas City @ St. Louis

Another shootout game, and both these teams are quietly doing very well.  This should actually be a great game.

Houston @ NY Giants

I want nothing more than Houston to win this to demoralize NY a little bit before Chicago comes to town, but that’s just not happening.

Tennessee @ Jacksonville

Yeah why not, another upset special.  Jacksonville, despite beating Philly, just doesn’t have it together, and Tennessee is an up and comer.  Can Vince Young rise to the occasion?  Sure, why not.
Minnesota @ San Francisco

41 points in the first half.  I had asked for 55-3, and I really thought we might get it, but Lovie and the Bears went the classy route and didn’t run up the score.  My point being, even Minnesota’s pathetic offense can put 30 up in this game.  Although I do think this will be a closer game than people think.

Cleveland @ San Diego

This is ripe for another upset special, but I’m afraid I can’t do that.

Denver @ Pittsburgh

Who would have thought at this point in the season that this wouldn’t be that big of a game?  I just can’t imagine Pittsburgh going 2-6, and Ben is now 2 weeks back, so he should be able to see things other than fuzzy shapes again.  I could be very, very wrong about this game, though.  Well, I could be wrong about every pick.
Indianapolis @ New England

Well, Tim, fit me for my Ben Watson jersey, I think I’m a believer.  I should have never doubted Bellichick and Brady’s ability to turn anything into a winning team.  Although I do have to admit there’s part of me that wants Indy to win this game, because the Bears have to play the Patriots this year.  They don’t have to play Indy.  Either way, you’re crazy if you miss this game.

Oakland @ Seattle

Yeah I’m thinking the big 2 game winning streak ends at this game.  Well, it was a good run Oakland.  And by the way, even when Oakland wins two straight games (including having a decent offensive performance against Arizona), LaMont Jordan still does nothing for me fantasy-wise.  Ugh, what a miserable pick that turned out to be.  And no one wants to trade in fantasy, unless you totally screw yourself over, so in other words, I’m screwed over.  I never would have thought I’d be at a point this season where I thought “Who do I start?  LaMont Jordan or Maurice Morris?”

So cheers to another week of fantasy mediocrity and Chicago Bears dominance!

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