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Maybe I’ll Just…

Here’s another new song. I’ve been on a long titles kick as of late, so here’s another one.

Maybe I’ll Just Join eHarmony and Call it Quits

Another late night drive, thought I knew what it was all about
My shame gets the best of me when you don’t work out
I was in over my head and she was cold as ice and
Nothing made sense

You know you make me want to die
Yet I want more of you
I guess that’s just how we were made
Too bad none of this did ever feel real
So I said

No matter what I do
I can’t control myself when I’m with you
We know it’s nothing new
And she said
No matter where we go
Nowhere always felt like home
Maybe we’re better off on our own
Too bad we’re no good at being alone

Another sleepless night, so tired of this broken scene
And everything I dreamed that this could be, whatever did it mean?
Well I’ve got my friends and all this medicine
To fill the in between

Your hope gave me hope
I wanted to believe
But how many times do you have to fall
Before it’s less an accident and more my style?
So I said


Sometimes you have to take a chance
Sometimes you have to let it end
But the part that I was never good at knowing was
When to say when


Too bad I’m so bad at being alone

© 2006 Morgan Foster

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