NFL First Guessing – Week 13

Well, you win this round Tim. Maybe we can do this again at the beginning of February?

And the Grossman/Griese controversy continues, for good reason. Like I said before, I would be all about just leaving Grossman in, if we weren’t a super bowl caliber team. If Grossman continues to turn the ball over and give teams the chance to beat us, then I say we go to Griese. But we’ll see what happens I guess.

So I missed announcing my pick for last night’s game, but I did pick Cincinnati (and I’m really not just making that up now, I really did pick them in my little fantasy picks league). I’ve been sick this whole week, so I’m not sure how much energy I have to explain my picks, so I may just let them speak for themselves.

Last Week Record: 11-5
Season Record: 102-74

Baltimore @ Cincinnati

I swear I picked them.

Arizona @ St. Louis

Detroit @ New England

San Diego @ Buffalo

San Francisco @ New Orleans

Minnesota @ Chicago

Kansas City @ Cleveland

Atlanta @ Washington

NY Jets @ Green Bay

Indianapolis @ Tennessee

Houston @ Oakland

Jacksonville @ Miami

Dallas @ NY Giants

Tampa Bay @ Pittsburgh

Seattle @ Denver

Carolina @ Philadelphia

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