NFL First Guessing – Week 14

Well who could have thought that two 10-2 teams could have this big of question marks around them?  Seriously, is anybody that confident in Indy or Chicago?  Since I don’t have a whole lot to offer on Indy, I’ll do my usual and cover the Bears.

If Grossman does not have a good first half against St. Louis, we really need to go to Griese.  Period.  We really don’t have a choice.  I like Rex and I want him to succeed, but we have a Super Bowl caliber defense and special teams, and it makes no sense to stick with a QB who keeps giving the ball to the other team.  I really do think Lovie is feeling the same way, even though his public statements have been very different.

So this is it, and I think Rex knows it too.  St. Louis has an amazingly crappy defense, and this is the time that Rex has to get back into the groove of things, and if he doesn’t and we don’t make the switch, we’re going to be one and done in the playoffs again.  And that will suck, especially since we should have no trouble sealing up the #1 seed.

Ugh, I never would have thought I’d be so uneasy about my team being 10-2, but thus is the curse of being a Chicago fan.

Last Week Record:  9-7
Season Record:  111-81

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh

Already got that one right.

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay

Who would have thought these two teams would be as bad as they are at this point?

Oakland @ Cincinnati

Ocho Cinco for 200+ again?  Probably not, but can Oakland crack the 20+ yard rushing barrier?

Philadelphia @ Washington

Garcia!  Garcia!  (that’s sang like the beginning of Evita)

NY Giants @ Carolina

This is probably a dumb pick, but who’s more schizophrenic at this point?  Not me!  Shutup!
Minnesota @ Detroit

Rule #4 about doing picks – never take Detroit against division opponents.  Or any opponents really.

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville

Now that I’ve made this pick, I’m realizing I should have gone with Jax, as they have always given Indy fits in Jacksonville.  But oh well, I guess I’ll stick with it.  Maybe Jacksonville will play the “Morgan never believes in us” card if they win this week.
Baltimore @ Kansas City

KC in Arrowhead during December.

Tennessee @ Houston

This is actually a dumb pick too, as this is perfectly setup to completely demoralize Houston fans by Vince Young rolling into town and schooling them.  Maybe I’ll just keep talking about how wrong all my picks are this week.
New England @ Miami

I should have picked this one as my upset special.  I just have that feeling about it.  Oh well, too late.  I’m hoping this reverse psychology works.

Seattle @ Arizona

Umm, yeah.  Nice stadium though.

Green Bay @ San Francisco

Frank Gore, #4 or 5 fantasy pick next year.

Buffalo @ NY Jets

J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!  Come on in and greet the…wait.

Denver @ San Diego

Yeah, Denver’s going down down, in an earlier round.

New Orleans @ Dallas

If this was at NO, I would pick them, but I’m rooting for NO either way.

Chicago @ St. Louis

Ugh, here we go.  So nerve racking watching a 10-2 team playing a meaningless game against a crappy team.

Onwards and upwards!

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