NFL First Guessing – Playoffs Round 1

Well I have really been dropping the ball as of late, even more so than Rex Grossman.  Buh-zing!  Actually, since I entirely missed my picks for the last week of the season, I won’t count that, and thus, here’s my final record for the year:

138 – 101

So not too bad.  37 games over 500, and for how wacky the NFC was half the time this year, I guess I’m pretty proud of that.  Now since I’m actually typing this right now and the KC vs. Indy game is going on right now, I’m going to quick put my pick in for that game.  I have not turned on the TV yet, so I have no idea what’s happening in that game right now, so my pick might look ridiculous almost immediately.

Kansas City @ Indianapolis

Larry Johnson should run the ball in this game about 45 times, and then collapse dead, but with how God awful the Indy defense is, that might be enough.  This may end up being the rematch from a few years ago where I don’t think either punter ever saw the field, and the only thing that lost it for KC that season was that they had to settle for a field goal on one of their drives.  That was such a ridiculous game, and this may turn out the same.  And even though I do feel bad for Indy and their fans because they are good every year, but can just never quite get it done, I just don’t see it happening this year either.  No team with this bad of a rushing defense will ever win a Super Bowl.  It just can’t happen can it?  Bob Sanders is playing in this game, so that should help (he is the Mike Brown of the Indy defense), but it just still can’t have that big of an impact.  But who knows.  Even if Indy does escape this round, I can’t see them taking out San Diego or Baltimore.

And quick side thought, how on earth did KC get into the playoffs?  Of all the teams in the AFC, I sure didn’t see them here, but that’s what makes the NFL fun.

… okay, I’m going to turn on the TV now……… and Indy leads 6 – 0.  Wow, so nevermind my prediction about the offensive powerhouses.

Okay, next.

Dallas @ Seattle

I would really like to see Seattle win this game, which I guess is why I’m choosing Dallas.  The only thing I like about this scenario is that, assuming Philly takes out the Giants, the Bears would then have an opportunity to knock Dallas out of the playoffs.  That would be awesome.  However, both of these teams are incredibly inconsistent, and if Seattle can get to Romo early, he may crack quickly.  Let’s hope.  I don’t have anything against Romo, but I’m just so sick of hearing about him.  If this same situation happened in a place like Kansas City, nobody would give a shit.  But since it’s “America’s Team” we have to constantly hear about him and his dating life.  Man, I hate the Cowboys.  But I digress.

NY Jets @ New England

Go figure I have play practice during this game, because I’m actually really interested in this one.  There’s all the Mangini/Belichick drama, an overachieving team against a team that has a QB and coach that can overcome any lack of talent, and hopefully some snow.  Good stuff, good stuff.

Oh and for those of you who don’t read Bill Simmons’ articles on Page 2 of, I never want to hear Kornheiser and Theismann talk about how weak Pennington’s arm is ever again.  Ugh.

NY Giants @ Philadelphia

I’m going to be rooting for the Giants like crazy in this game, simply because I would love to have them come to Soldier Field the next week, but they are an absolute joke of a playoff team.  Everyone’s been talking about how to fix the problem in New York, or whether or not Eli’s good, or whether or not Caughlin needs to go.  And they’re in the playoffs!  I can’t remember the last time I heard all the sports writers and whatnot talking about a team that is in the playoffs this way.  Seriously, the NFL should have taken they’re playoff spot away from them and given it to a team that would at least care.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Green Bay (naturally), but they would have at least been passionate about a playoff birth.  Sheesh, the NFC was such a joke this year.  (and since everyone is saying that, which ever NFC team makes the Super Bowl is destined to win.  see the St. Louis Cardinals)
And Philly is just on a crazy roll right now.  Who would have thought after they lost like 4 straight and McNabb went down.  Considering that Philly is also such a great story right now too, the Giants don’t have a prayer in this game.  But I’m still rooting for them.

And I’ll go over all my Bears concerns next week.  Because that’s what us Bears fans do.

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