NFL First Guessing – Playoffs Round 2

Well my nerves are already frayed, which can only mean it must be a weekend that carries a Bears home playoff game in the second round of the playoffs. All the home teams won this past week, which means I was 2-2.

Quick thoughts about last week:

– Have you ever seen a more pathetic performance in the playoffs than KC’s offense last week? Wow that was sad. I also keep hearing that they should have tried passing more, but I could swear I saw a stat during the third quarter that said that LJ had only run 11 times at that point, which seemed ridiculously low. Hopefully if Grossman looks as bad as Green did, they won’t refuse to go to Griese like they did with Huard.

– I’m so glad we won’t have to hear about Romo and TO anymore this season. I have nothing against Romo, but I did have to laugh when he blew it, and hopefully we’ll hear plenty more Jerry Jones bitching about the slipperiness of the ball.

– I’m also glad that the whole Mangini/Belichick drama is over. Ugh, so stupid.

Okay, on to the games.

Indianapolis @ Baltimore

I would love nothing more than to see Indy win this game, because I hate Baltimore, but they’re just too tough, and Indy has too many holes. However, Payton alone should make this an interesting game, but Baltimore’s D is just too much, and Indy’s D is too weak.

Philadelphia @ New Orleans

This should be a great game, and if the Bears win, I’d rather see Philly than New Orleans, but both teams are playing very well right now, and this should probably be a total shootout. I want to take Philly in this game, just to take an underdog, but I just can’t see N’awlins losing this game.

Seattle @ Chicago

Well simply on principle I absolutely have to take the Bears in this game. There’s a radio ad on Chicago radio right now saying that this is the biggest game since Super Bowl XX. That’s a little ridiculous considering we’ve had this exact game twice in the last 4 seasons. However, there is a feeling of dread over this whole game for me, not because I’m afraid of the Bears losing, but because I’m afraid of the Bears blowing it. That’s really the only chance that Seattle has of winning this game. The Bears are better in almost every aspect of the game, but they have a tendency of blowing games.

However, the defense is back together again, and we shouldn’t see Hester lined up on the defensive side at all (Thank God!). That should make a big difference with what has become a very leaky defense in the past couple weeks. Also, the Seattle D is so banged up, we should be able to take advantage of that with the running game alone.

So I should feel confident, because all of the players know what’s at stake, and they’ll play like they have something to prove. But as is my true Bears fan nature, I still am not very confident. I started getting nervous on Tuesday and it’s just gotten worse since then. Ugh. We’ll win this game, we’ll win this game. Right?

New England @ San Diego

New England has been the sexy underdog pick for a lot of writers this week, but San Diego is just so darn talented, you gotta think they win this game. This will be a true test as to whether smarts and experience beats talent, because that is truly what this game is. The other thing is that I don’t think any QBs won last year in their playoff debuts, and this will be Rivers debut, so that’ll be interesting too.

Well like it or not, here we go. We’ll see if I can eat at all on Sunday.

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