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Anna Nicole

Did anyone really care about her that much that it merits this much news coverage?  Seriously, she’s getting close to Gerry Ford coverage.

5 thoughts on “Anna Nicole”

  1. I’ve NEVER understood her appeal in life or death. I’m sure plenty of bleached-blonde, skanky trailer park bimbos go around making fools of themselves, deluding their drug-addled minds into thinking they are something great. And I’m sure plenty of drug-addicted women of loose morals die of… well, whatever vice she died of… every day. So yeah, I’ve got nothing.

  2. Didn’t she do some writing or something? I thought I heard that she’d published some things.

    …maybe that was Emily Dickinson.

  3. There were only two things about her that caught my interest through the whole story. (pause while you insert joke here)
    …. she was the same age as me. (coming to grips with my own mortality)
    and… ok, probably just that one.

  4. Her greatest appeal was to the same folks who love Jerry Springer, cheer madly at WWF, get their news headlines from The Enquirer and Star, and are addicted to reality shows (she had her own, by the way). Floosies always were and always will be.

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