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Well the whole city of Grand Rapids is gridlocked at the moment. This is probably one of the worst snow storms I’ve seen here, and it just won’t stop. It’s relentless! (yet I do find it oddly fun at the same time)

But on a sad note, the last show for the play I’m in has been canceled, and it doesn’t look like there’s any plans to reschedule. So the play is suddenly over, with no sort of resolution whatsoever. I have to say I don’t do well with those kinds of things, so me and my three best friends (two of whom happened to be in town simply to see the play tonight that was canceled) all braved the ridiculous weather and traveled across town to a cast party anyway. I don’t do well without resolution.

It took me fifteen minutes to get to the mall shortly after I took this picture. The mall is about a mile away.

Just for the record, it did get way worse after I took this.

However, the snow was light snow, so it’s easy to brush off. Or you can also do one of my favorite things to do, which is not use a brush, but just use your windshield wipers and automatic windows to clean your car off without getting out. Or my other favorite is just use windshield wipers and just wait for your car to heat up, accepting the challenge of driving looking through about a square foot of viewable windshield (don’t tell my Dad I said that).

And here’s our poor bird feeder, which since it’s purchase, my roommate and I have yet to witness a bird feast upon the sumptuous banquet we provide. Can’t really blame them today.

And here’s my ex-roommate’s wife’s ex-housemate’s bike (um.. yeah).  I’m supposed to get it fixed at some point (since I broke it, or rather it broke me.  long story).  Something tell’s me I don’t need to do that any time soon.

Ah the fun of living in Michigan.  We’ve had a pretty mild winter, so I guess we’ve had this coming, but it’s still pretty crazy and fun at the same time.  What’s the fun in living in a place that just has the same nice weather all the time?  Luckily I get to just tuck in and watch the 8 hours of Superbowl pre-game followed by the Superbowl tomorrow.  Mmmm, cozy.

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