Sad Day

(cue the “Chistmas Time is Here” music from Charlie Brown Christmas)
It is indeed a sad day today. It took a lot of drinking to kill the pain last night. (/sarcasm)

However, it was good to at least see the Bears there, and it was nice to watch a superbowl I at least cared about. There’s all kinds of things I could say, like:

– we went away from the run way too soon (like when Benson went down)
– the offensive play calling was just sub par to say the least
– that interception returned for a touchdown was like an ice pick in my heart
– I don’t blame Grossman, but he did not come up big when we needed him too
– it’s hard to blame the offense in general because they never got on the field
– we really felt the loss of Tommie Harris and Mike Brown yesterday, and if they can’t make it through a season healthy, then we’ve got to find some other guys who can

So I could say that, but I won’t. We made it to the Super Bowl, and I’m thankful for that.

That’s my hobbled dad who hurt his leg earlier in the week, so he was unable to watch the game with me, which is sad. However, it would have been more sad if the Bears would have won and I wasn’t with my dad (silver lining?). He sent me this picture just so I would know that he was still ready to go for the game.

I made fake mustaches so that everyone could be official Bears fans for the night.

But sadly the paraphernalia has to be put away for the offseason, and we move onto the Cubs. March and August are very similar, because both pessimism and hope spring eternally within me. So until next year, good night Bears, and let’s take it next year, or at least let us hope that we will.

Until next year:

(through tears) Bear down, Chicago Bears!

3 thoughts on “Sad Day”

  1. Morgan – some similarities between my Steelers and your Bears need to be expressed here. Wayyyy back in 1996 (you might remember, I think you were probably in 2nd grade), the Steelers were in the Super Bowl against the Cowboys. We had a quarterback (O’Donnell) who was getting pasted in the media as a “lucky to be there guy” and if the Steelers were going to win it, it would be thanks to their defense. Well, they didn’t win it, and O’Donnell threw a very memorable interception. I just hope it doesn’t take quite as long (10 years) for your Bears to get back to the big game and WIN it. Go Bears.

  2. I watched the game and cheered on the Bears for you. I repeatedly thought about calling you when something good or bad happened but truthfully, I wasn’t really sure when something good or bad was happening so I never called.

    If nothing else, they started off strong after only 14 seconds into the game.

  3. Those mustaches although quite “tapey” on the upper lip were a nice bit of team flair. Also, just to clue in your loyal readers about how committed you are the Bears and their mustachioed (I think that can be an adjective) city, I thought I’d pass along this delicious bit of Morgan Foster celebrity blogger gossip.

    At the superbowl party but as I was checking my email on Mr. Foster’s computer, the page that was up on the browser was a search page for ACTUAL fake mustaches of differing quality and price. I had a silent chuckle as I imagined you trying to purchase a moderately priced but still adequately fuzzy set and then trying to have them rushed to your door…on a Sunday…in a blizzard…in time for kick-off (“DAMN IT MAN, you don’t understand! I NEED THESE MUSTACHES! DITKA!”)

    It was a good moment.

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