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Living Alone

Well it’s official, for the first time in my entire life I’m living alone. My roommate has been in a very discouraging situation here, and has decided to move back to Canada (he was going to be kicked out of the country in July anyway, so he’s taking off early). He’s graciously offered to pay the rent from afar, so the money is not a problem, but the problem for me is that I don’t do well alone, as I’ve mentioned before. I’m looking forward to the freedom, though I tried playing video games naked and it just felt weird. However, I’m not looking forward to being alone more often. So any of you in the area, come hang out a lot! Unannounced, I don’t care (don’t worry, I’m not planning on trying the video games naked thing anymore).

4 thoughts on “Living Alone”

  1. How is playing video games naked different than how things were before? Oh… you mean playing video games naked and ALONE felt weird.

  2. I *hate* living alone. Tura is discussing how, as much as she likes her new place, she’s already hoping for that next apartment on her own. I’m just the opposite–I’m lost without a roommate.

    Are you thinking of looking for someone to fill the empty spot?

  3. Hmm…. well we’ll be in the area in a month or so (sometime a bit after the 14th for about a week)… maybe we can actually get together? I’m not sure what our plans are off hand (one wedding to attend and then we fly on thursday for another) but we should work something out…

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