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Not Much

So I have a few big posts in the works that I just haven’t had time to finish yet (new Duplex Chronicles coming soon!), and I haven’t had any quick post thoughts as of late, so I apologize for that flurry of posting followed by nothing. But as you bloggers know, it comes and goes.

The only thing I have to say is that today was my 26th straight day working out. So yeah, I’m huge. Not sure how long I’ll keep going with this streak, but I should at least break a month.

So that’s all for now, but hopefully a couple big posts coming soon.

1 thought on “Not Much”

  1. Hope your working out thing goes well for you. I’ve pretty much given up trying to gain a little weight and bulk up; what I gained in five months I lost in 2 weeks after surgery last October. I figured that’s just too much work for too little gain, all balanced precariously on whether or not I remember to consume enough calories to kill most people and whether or not I make it to the gym enough times during the week.

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