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Anybody out there up for posting their brackets for the NCAA tourney on here?  Last year I had myself, Jonathan, and Andrew.  Andrew won, by the way.

I’d love to have more this year, and if you win you just get to be honored right here on my site, which has as many as 35 page views in a single day!!  The possibilities for you are endless.

So if you’d like to join me in filling in a bracket, just email it to me (morgan@morganfoster.com).  You can either just send an image, or if you fill in an ESPN one, I think you can export it as a pdf or something like that, so that would work too.

No sports/college basketball knowledge necessary (as that usually doesn’t help in the slightest anyway), so all you non-sports folk who read this blog, come on, you can do it!  It’ll be fun!

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