Me Neither, Just Asking

Me Neither, I was Just Asking – Groceries

Have you ever been so proud of yourself for eating all of the fruits and vegetables you bought recently before they went rotten, that you immediately run out to the store to reward yourself, buy more fruits and vegetables, which subsequently rot?  Me neither, I was just asking.

2 thoughts on “Me Neither, I was Just Asking – Groceries”

  1. At my new job they serve outrageous lunches with vegetables and salmon and whatever else you can think of all the time, so that’s my excuse for never buying vegetables for home. Keyan buys vegetables that ulitmately turn to mushy brown green garbage all the time. I don’t think we finish a single bag of any kind of vegetables without at least questioning the last few servings or seeing very clearly that we should not eat whatever is seeping in the corner of the crisper drawer.

    Hahaha, remember that bread I found that one time?

  2. Ryan, your vivid descriptions make me want to urp! Hope you get your crisper cleaned soon.

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