Yeah Bulls

Who’s the favorite in the East now Walton?  I don’t have much to say other than just how wonderful it feels to have swept the Heat.  The Bulls made them look ridiculously old, which is what they are, and even though people will say “oh Wade was hurt” or “the Heat have had to overcome so many injuries” several sports pundits have brought up the point that maybe the Bulls are actually a pretty good team.  And I feel like it’s kind of wrong that the Pistons and Bulls are meeting in this next round, because that should really be the Eastern Conference finals.  But oh well.  It’s going to be a great series, and I don’t hate the Pistons, so that should make it much more enjoyable (although sweeping a team you hate is pretty enjoyable, but putting up with dumb commentators talking about that team is not).

This is going to be the best basketball the Eastern Conference can provide.  Go Bulls!

2 thoughts on “Yeah Bulls”

  1. I don’t follow much basketball, but even I knew enough to be kind of shocked when I saw the scoreboard showing the sweep. I knew the “baby Bulls” were up-and-coming, but it appears that they’ve arrived. 🙂

    And to those that will focus on Wade’s (or any other) injuries, EVERY team has to overcome adversity. If it were easy, everyone would win a championship.

    Congrats Bulls and congrats Morgan on having your team sweep the reigning champions. 🙂

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