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And one more thing…. Falwell

I forgot to mention.  Is it bad that I was a little glad when I heard that Falwell had died?  I didn’t want him dead and I wouldn’t have killed him and I didn’t even wish him physical ill will (unless it was some sort of mouth disease that made him shut it), but my initial reaction to his death was "Well good, one less idiot Christian making the rest of us look bad."  Truth be told, another idiot Christian will now doubt stand in his place in no time (and I’m not talking Robertson, who already has his place).

3 thoughts on “And one more thing…. Falwell”

  1. I had this same reaction…can you imagine his face when he sees god let gays in? Just sayin’

  2. i read your thoughts last night. this morning, the old bill board advertisement for anti-smoking popped into my head. the one where all the internal effects of smoking are visible externally all over this woman’s body. tar etc. really quite gross. i decided how lucky we are that not all our sins are visible on the outside.

    i can’t help but link this to my thoughts about our mutual friend in small group who is struggling with accusations at our fine christian institution here in gr.

    i find this hidden passion to slander each other for certain particular “sins” to be hypocritical.

    when we reach heaven, are sins scored with a point system, certain ones being worse than others and thus deserving more punishment. or are all sins equal.

    i have thought about it alot this week and how often i am guilty of picking up a stone, quick to cast, before examining my own heart and washing thoroughly in grace and humility.

    even then . . .

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