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Blowing up Stuff

Sorry I haven’t posted much in a while.  Guess I just haven’t had much to say recently.  I know, hard to believe.

However, one quick thing I just wanted to mention.  Crummy Church Signs recently posted a church sign that said the following:

"When is the last time you heard of a Jew or Christian with a bomb strapped to their body?"

It blows my mind a church could actually sleep at night with that on their sign.  Unbelievable.  However, I did appreciate the Crummy Church Signs comment after that – "… or a muslim shooting up an abortion clinic."

1 thought on “Blowing up Stuff”

  1. I SAW THAT!

    I did really like CCS comment too. Did you read the article it came from? The church leader was like, “we don’t hate them, just their religion.” ((0.0))!!

    Statements like that are what’s wrong with the uber christian. I bet they liked Falwell.

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