Bulls Thoughts – 5/8/07

My honest observation is that the Bulls are just plain outmatched in this series, and if they can’t hit their jumpshots, they’re done. They’re getting completely outrebounded and outhussled, which is where they have to succeed to win, especially against a more veteran team that is bigger then them at every position. Their inexperience is also showing in the amount of turnovers they’ve had.

I didn’t think they’d honestly win this series, but I figured they’d put up a good fight. But they have been almost unbeatable at home, so we’ll see if they can crawl back into the series. They absolutely have to win both games in Chicago or the series is done. I don’t see them coming back from 3-1 or 3-0. If they shot even close to as well in the last two games as they did during the season, those would have been much closer games. But thus is the bane of being a pure jump shooting team. If you’re not shooting well, you’re done.

We’ll see if they make a series of this yet. I’m nervous, but I know they can do it. Both the Palace and United Center are tough places to play, so this being at home for two games is their best shot to get back in it.

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