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Chicago Trip – Day 1

Well I’m down in Chicago for a few days, and even though this isn’t somewhere exotic or somewhere I haven’t been before, I figured I could still document it.

I’m down here with Luke from Sweet Japonic, and we’re hoping to check out some open mic nights and hopefully meet some people in the local music scene. In one night I’ve already learned about like 7 possible venues, and that was just walking down the street. We got in kind of late, but we headed out anyway, met up with my cousin and started walking around to find a bar of some kind. We ended up at the Pontiac Grill

which apparently is where John Prine got discovered (Dad did you know that?). We had a couple drinks and started walking around again and landed at another place called “The Note” which looked inside like it would have been an old jazz joint. I could totally picture Miles playing there. Unfortunately there were no bands and just pre-recorded hip hop.

After that we hit up the local Flash Taco for some late night drinkin food, which I then completely puked up about 40 minutes later. So I’m not going to be eating mexican food for a little while.

Good times.

4 thoughts on “Chicago Trip – Day 1”

  1. I did not know that Prine was discovered there! I always thought it was at the Earl of Old Town where he was so well known. Thanks for the trivia!

  2. The idea of you and Lucas on the streets of Chicago hurts my brain. Did you decide where you’re going to live? I had the most craziest dream last night – it was about buying a condo in Chicago. I’m not sure why I had that dream. Odd.

  3. I TOLD YOU not to eat there. I just had to say I told you so. Cuz I did. And I was right. As normal. Glad I have a name… 😉

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