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Chicago Trip – Day 2

Well today I was able to basically wake up and watch the Cubs win two games. The game the night before was suspended so they started from the 7th inning, won, then won the next game. In between then we got lunch from a very good noodles place.

And by the way, Jamie and Davey who we’re staying with have an amazingly cute dog named Zoey. She’s a puggle (part pug part beagle). She loves my bag for some reason.

After that Luke and I basically wandered around Wicker Park for a little while (by the way, Urban Outfitters has some cool stuff. I didn’t realize that before). Luke spent a ridiculous amount of money. But I was told not to make him feel guilty because we were on vacation. So I didn’t.

Then I headed downtown to catch up with my friend Kristi who I had not seen in a long time. We had dinner, wandered around Merchandise Mart (which apparently completely closes at like 5), then we headed back and hung out at her place. It was wonderful to catch up with her, and I ended up spending way more time with her than I expected to.

After that I hopped a cab up to the north side to a venue called Schuba’s (which is a fabulous venue) where we saw a band called This World Fair, who was quite good. They’ll actually be in GR a few times in the next month too, so I’ll probably go check them out again. Really nice guys too.

Then we actually tried to go to an open mic (which was one of the purposes for going down in the first place) and go figure we got there too late. So we headed back to Wicker Park and hit up a couple more places, one of which was the Doubledoor which has a lot of metal bands, one of which was playing. After about 5 minutes we figured that was enough of that, so we headed to another bar and played Golden Tee and Super Strike Bowling (which poor Luke came in dead last in both).

Since it was about 2:30 we headed back. And by the way, all the bars seem to come to life in Chicago at about 2am every night. Not really sure why.

5 thoughts on “Chicago Trip – Day 2”

  1. Is that a puppy Puggle (or Peagle)? It looks like it’s still a puppy but I can’t tell for sure and Keyan and I were thinking (very very very hypothetically) about a dog. Puggle, Boston Terrier, or Pug were all on the list.

  2. ryan, you probably don’t remember who i am, but let me give you some wise advice: you’re gonna want a dachshund. trust me.

  3. bars come alive in chicago at 2 because they close at four. That’s like in GR they close at 2 so they really get good at midnightish. It’s the sway of the force.

  4. I wish I could have gone out with you more nights!! (that ended up being a BAD week for me…) but next time you’re in town, I’ve got groupies waiting in the wings!!!

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