Dale Earnhardt Jr.

So apparently there are free agents in NASCAR?  One more thing I had no idea about.

2 thoughts on “Dale Earnhardt Jr.”

  1. now that’s a big steaming pile of “why bother”. I think we should have free agents in real life. So let’s say for example I wanted to go get a job some place, and they wanted to hire me. All the company would have to do is… oh… never mind.

  2. morgan foster. you must be the easiest person to contact through a google stalk search. 😉 (and/or grace told me about your blog) anyhow, i sent you an email awhile back to your cs address. and i wanted to make sure you got it. also, sorry i haven’t seen you in a while. (unless you count the beaners wave.) hope you’re doing well. also glad that you got to sing today for monroe. 🙂 again, apologies for missing it. k, well i’ll catch you later.

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