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Burgers for Breakfast

So I don’t know if you’ve heard this yet, but Burger King’s new advertising campaign is pushing "burgers for breakfast" because you can now apparently order a Whopper at 7am.  The commercial also tells you to "be the first person to eat a burger" that day.

Really?  Burgers for breakfast, that’s your brilliant idea?  Does anyone really want a double cheeseburger at 8am (not including third shifters)?  If they had made the commercial to appeal to third shifters who’ve just gotten home from their workday, and they just want a burger, then I can see the appeal to this new campaign.  But they’re clearly suggesting eating a Whopper for breakfast (ie the meal you eat just after you wake up).  I can think of few things less disgusting, those few things are also on the menu at Burger King.

6 thoughts on “Burgers for Breakfast”

  1. That is seriously gross. I can think of nothing worse than a hamburger in the early morning hours. NOTHING.

  2. I’m a horrible person for wanting to eat a burger for breakfast aren’t I? Does it help if I put bacon and a fried egg on it?

    However – there is nothing that makes me want that burger to come from Burger King. Comeon McDonalds and Wendy’s step up!

  3. Umm….I quit fast food, so maybe that’s influencing me….but I would take a punch in the face for a nice morning whopper. Just sayin…

  4. Maybe they’re thinking since breakfast is the most important meal of the day you should eat all 500 calories right then and there! Maybe.

  5. With America in an organic/healthy phase (or pretending to be), I would think a better marketing campaign would show a guy on a treadmill, and then calendar dates flying past, and the guy getting on the scale and then bursting into tears, then getting in his car and driving, and seeing a Burger King, and then the voice-over at the end would be something like: “The Whopper. Only at Burger King. Come on; you know you’ve already given up hope.” Or “Exercise is hard. Giving up is easy. Burger King–start your day with an admission of defeat and just get it over with.”

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