Cubs Quips 6/6

Well thank God for this past Saturday, because I really can’t imagine it getting much lower than that.  It’s embarrassing enough being a Cubs fan in general, and it was really embarrassing being one after a pitcher and catcher fight.  However, all the "Cubs clubhouse in disarray" headlines I think are a little inaccurate.  Zambrano and Barrett are the two hottest heads on the Cubs, and they scrapped.  It’s not like other people in the clubhouse joined in with the fighting, it was just the two hotheads being stupid.

And Lou Pinella was quite brilliant in creating a huge scene when he got ejected, and completely took all the attention off of Barrett and Zambrano.  I loved it.  We’ve been waiting all season for Pinella to lose it, and I can’t blame him that it happened now.

(I’m actually watching the game right now in which Z has a no hitter through four, so my next comments will be kind of interesting in that light)

Here’s my opinions on the Cubs plan of action.

Trade Carlos Zambrano

Now while I do like Z, he’s made it pretty obvious that he can’t control himself, and probably won’t ever be able to.  He’s also a team building type of trade, in that we’ll get a lot for him.  Now I don’t want to trade him because I know he’ll be amazing the second we trade him (as all traded Cubs do), and he’s a legit number one starter, but again, he can’t control himself and we can build a team just from one trade.  However, trading him means not having a number one starter, so….

Do everything you can to get Dontrell Willis

Now what will the Cubs have to give up to get him?  I don’t know, but obviously don’t give up everything you get from the Z trade.  Because just trading Z for Willis straight up (virtually), isn’t that worthwhile.  But if a package with Jacque Jones and Mark DeRosa or something like that would get it done, pull the trigger (as that also gets rid of Jacque Jones, which is another thing on the to-do list).

In regards to the current team:

Keep Pie in the Majors

The last couple games have made it painfully honest at least to me that this guy is ready for the Majors, and he is our center fielder for the future.

Keep Sean Marshall in the rotation

He’s ready too, and him an Hill together make a pretty tough left-handed duo.  Imagine adding Willis to that.

So those are my current thoughts.  This team is ridiculously underachieving, and they have a ton of talent that doesn’t quite fit together.  I have to imagine that Hendry is done after this year.

Go Cubs.  Be at least average!

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