Me Neither, Just Asking

Me Neither, I Was Just Asking – Myspace Girls

Do you ever think that maybe this webcam girl that just friended you on myspace really is just new to town and looking for friends?  Me neither, I was just asking.

2 thoughts on “Me Neither, I Was Just Asking – Myspace Girls”

  1. On the MySpace account I take care of for Baeg Tobar, I fell for one that had a semi-racy picture, but didn’t list nude shots and had “X-Men” as an interest. Could be a comics reader, sure! Alas, just another spammer.

    I’ve since changed the profile to “female” to try to avoid this kind of thing, and the spam has cut down dramatically.

  2. So… just because of that… I totally just added one… she might be just new to town… and she’s single and a gemini… thought maybe if we become bff I’ll set you up with her….

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