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The One Bracelet – R.I.P.

Well last night the inevitable happened.  My One bracelet that I’ve been wearing for the last year and ten months broke.

I originally got it when my church did a service about the movie Hotel Rwanda, and as part of the service, we had One bracelets that people could take and donate a couple bucks for (which we would then send off to the One campaign).  Though it began as an act of social awareness, the sentimentality I feel for this bracelet are because of something very different.  For the first couple months the bracelet served as a reminder of the growing issues in Africa and though I may not have donated lots of money or resources, I am certainly far more educated about the problem now than I was before I put on the bracelet. 

However, the reason I do feel a little bit of loss right now is because this is something I have carried with me for a year and ten months.  I don’t know of really anything else I own that has accompanied me as closely as this bracelet.  It’s been to Vancouver, San Francisco, Cincinnatti, Chicago, and no doubt about a thousand bars.

So that got me thinking about all the things that were different about my life a year and ten months ago, and the changes that the one bracelet has accompanied on.

-  First off, the church that had the service that got me the bracelet in the first place doesn’t exist anymore.

– I was barely even in a band, let alone one that is now trying to make it (trying well enough to move to Chicago in the fall), and has grown in maturity far more than I could have imagined.

– There are several people who are very important in my life now that I literally did not even know when I first put on that bracelet.

– I don’t really think about it much but it is amazing how different I look between then and now.  (just so you know, I’m the big one in the "then" picture)

– I’ve had dozens of potential loves appear and disappear, most of which I’ve written a song or two about in the meantime.

– There are so many things I’ve sworn I would stop or I would start when I first put on that bracelet.  Most of those I’m still saying I’ll stop or start soon.

So thanks One bracelet for being a companion through what has certainly been an interesting, frustrating, and beautiful couple years.  Now rest in honor on my office cubicle wall.

4 thoughts on “The One Bracelet – R.I.P.”

  1. Lookin’ good now, Morgan! Hm. That’s really not something you can ever say without sounding like you thought the person looked hideous before, is it? Well, anyway, I’m just proud of you for sticking with something hard like regular exercise and stuff, is what I was trying to get at. And also with the band–good job. You are an Inspiration to us All.

  2. im sorry about your bracelet.. but i have a question for you. The songs you told me you had been working on/finished… are you going to post those lyrics anytime soon??? it would be great to read your stuff since i clearly can’t hear it 🙂
    thanks.. oh i like the placement of said broken bracelet.. right next to comics.. nice.

  3. In a bit of a crazy moment I googled me and got you. congrats on the band and size change

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