6 thoughts on “Check It, Another Common Shiner Article”

  1. Someday when you are playing on the Ed Sullivan Show I am going to be able to say “I knew those young boys when they lived in Grand Rapids”.

    Seriously, Festival 07 was when I heard you for “real”. All the other times were just when you were practicing at CP. I cannot tell you how overly impressed I was with your quality of sound at Festival.

    The article in Recoil is equally impressive. I believe that you will have great success and am excited to follow you into the future.

  2. Very nice, very nice indeed. And well deserved. Too many bands these days expect to ‘make it big’ with little or no effort – Common Shiner has done things right. Built a local following, released quality music, and the future holds an expansion to Chicago to build an even larger following.

    I should be reading about Common Shiner in Mix or Billboard any time now.

  3. Good news! The fixes you helped me make to the wikipedia article have gotten it unmarked for deletion! So now y’all are on wikipedia. That makes you officially notable. 😉

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