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Screw it!

I’m reading Harry Potter 7.  After like 2 weeks I’m not even half way through the first one, and it’s killing me not knowing how it ends, and everybody else knows.  So screw it, I’m reading the damn thing.

4 thoughts on “Screw it!”

  1. YAY for giving in to primal literary urges! I love your conviction! Go for it! Read well! Read Thoroughly!

    Exclamation! Excited Statements!

  2. Now you’ll probably ever need to re-read a book again (I don’t understand your kind–I re-read books fairly often), but on the off chance that you do, it’s better to start a series in, say, late May, so that you have plenty of time before the last book is released. But if I hadn’t done exactly that, I would’ve skipped the re-read in favor of just getting Book 7, too.

  3. I knew you wouldn’t be able to hold out. Did you watch Accio Deathly Hallows on Youtube? Call me when you’re done with the book… I have a lot, lot to say and I need someone intelligent who semi-cares to discuss it with. It’s been living inside me for two weeks. Yay! Harry Potter. Jo really out did herself on this one…and honestly, I think it’s going to sit next to Lewis and Tolkien in the classic literature cannon…for much the same reasons. Honestly, when you get to the end of seven you’ll want to go back and reread them all to catch all the parts you missed… there’s one line in GoF that sticks out. Brilliant.

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