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The Cynic’s Prayer

One of the more spiritually depressing songs I’ve probably ever written, but I think there’s some hope in there too.

The Cynic’s Prayer

Brick by brick we built a tower
to any height we could choose
Did we get too close to your power?
Did you have to confuse?

Since then I’m just amazed
At how much we have grown
But must you miss all our days?
Must we always be alone?

Oh how we hate your devices
Oh how we wish we were proven wrong
So many ways you could despise us
Yet somewhere a spirit started moving strong

They say it’s just a matter of time
Before all this is gone
And we’ll stop on a dime
To an Armageddon dawn

And the elements will blow away
The ashes of this town
So whether it’s asteroid or gamma ray
We’re all going down
We’re all going down

If I don’t come back
Tell them I meant every word
If this was all we had
I will cherish it forever
We all had our plans
But the ending is disastrous
So please take my hand
I think they’re on to us

Maybe it’s just our time
Maybe the writers turned on us
But somewhere deep inside
The revolution burns in us


2 thoughts on “The Cynic’s Prayer”

  1. I really love this. I think it’s a little more cryptic than your norm but the emotion it evokes is really powerful yet subtle. I’d like to hear the music you’re setting it to.

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