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So I apologize that after a full four weeks of not posting, my first one is going to be a sports post, but Football starts this week!  In fact, tomorrow!  That’s exciting for me as this is definitely my favorite time of the year, and football is a big part of that.  So since I posted my fantasy teams last year, I figured I’d post them again this year.  And my erstwhile friend Tim (you may know him from Morgan and Tim’s Picks) has been rumored to also have a fantasy team this year (his first time), so I might toss that up with our annual picks that I will be posting tomorrow.

So I’m in three leagues and I’ll just quickly post my three teams:

The Main League:

This is the league with my friends from my old church, and I always treat it as my main league just because it was the first one I was ever in.

QBs – Tony Romo, Rex Grossman, David Carr
RBs – Joseph Addai, Deuce McAllister, Thomas Jones, DeAngelo Williams
WRs – Marques Colston, Jericho Cotchery, Devery Henderson, DJ Hackett, Wes Welker, T. Copper, Jacoby Jones
TEs – Jason Witten, LJ Smith, Alex Smith (TB)
K – Gostkowski (NE)
TM – Seattle, Oakland

I actually didn’t feel very good about my draft at all.  I liked getting Thomas Jones with my third pick, and I like having DeAngelo Williams, but I just forget going from a league of fantasy diehards, to a league of normal people (ie this one), that people value players extremely differently.  So even though I value McAllister as a late second round/early third round pick (as do lots of diehard FFB players), these guys did not, and I probably could have gotten him in the 4th round, getting someone like Holt in the second round, making my WRs way stronger.  However, I am loaded with sleepers (Williams, Henderson, Hacket, J. Jones, and even the Oakland D), but I’m not strong on starters.  That either will make my team the amazing one that comes out of nowhere, or quite terrible.  I’m hoping it’s not the latter.

The Second League:

This is my nerdy league that I’m in with a bunch of guys I met on a FFB forum (kind of sad I know).

QBs – Drew Brees, Alex Smith (SF)
RBs – Larry Johnson, Ronnie Brown, Kevin Jones, Chris Brown
WRs – Andre Johnson, Reggie Brown, DJ Hackett, D. Mason, Muhsin Muhammed, Mark Clayton,
TEs – Todd Heap, Heath Miller
K – Neil Rackers
TM – Carolina, Buffalo

I regretted the Kevin Jones pick the second I made it, and I have a bad bad feeling about Ronnie Brown, which also makes that Kevin Jones pick even worse.  Receivers should be okay, and Brees should be solid for the most part.  But I have a feeling I’ll be scouring the waiver wire for a legit third RB all season.

The New League:

This is one through some people at my old job, and it’s an auto draft (so don’t ask me how on Earth I got this team).  I also immediately dropped the backup kicker and Defense that were automatically drafted for me and picked up Ladell Betts and Julius Jones.

QBs – Drew Brees, JP Losman
RBs – Willie Parker, Reggie Bush, Deuce McAllister, Ladell Betts, Julius Jones
WRs – Roy Williams, Braylon Edwards, Deion Branch, Santonio Holmes, Anthony Gonzalez
TEs – LJ Smith
K – Jason Hanson
TM – Baltimore

So yeah, unfortunately, my new league with the auto draft is the best team I have.  So I don’t think I drafted very well this year, but in previous years I’ve felt like I drafted really well, and ended up doing poorly.  So maybe this year will be the reverse.


3 thoughts on “Fantasy Football 2007”

  1. Not being an FFB aficianado (sp?), I don’t even know half of your picks! But, I say “Go Bears” no matter what picks you have.
    Let’s do Uccellos sometime soon. Let me know what your schedule is.

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