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There are a lot of people in the world. A lot of em. I know quite a few, and even I don’t know the majority of people in the world.

In fact the world is so big that my best friend Ryan often says that there are so many people that no matter what you can think of, someone in the world is doing it right now. Whether it be eating cheddar and bacon tato skins, wondering if Ace Ventura III will ever come out, or searching through a dumpster for revealing photos of Scott Baio (in fact, Scott himself is probably doing that), there are enough people on the planet that someone is doing that right now.

I’ve also thought that there are enough people that anything you look at, that is someone’s favorite. Any CD, book, magazine article, whatever.  I mainly only focus that on mainstream stuff (ie, the sci-fi novel that I wrote that’s sitting under my bed is not anyone’s favorite, more than likely), but almost everything is someone’s favorite.

All that to say, is 1 Chronicles really anyone’s favorite book of the bible?

3 thoughts on “Favorites”

  1. We’d probably “get” I Chronicles more if we as a culture cared about historical details.

    I like the “everybody is somebody’s favorite” idea. It kind of levels the playing field. I used to think that I could never be the best at anything, so it was kind of pointless really trying…but then I started thinking that I could still be A favorite, if not THE favorite. Which is not to say that tasks shouldn’t be undertaken for their own sake, more just that it’s nice to be appreciated. Wait, where did this paragraph start out?

  2. I often think this when trying something new, whether it be food, a new style of clothing, a new show or a new game…whatever. SOMEBODY’S gotta love this.

    This rings especially true when I’m trying out a new game for the first time.

    “Ok… this game looked kinda lame, but it got approved somehow. I’m sure they must have tested it and people said they liked it. Somehow this thing must be liked.”

    I’ve come to the realization that Robocop for Xbox is no one’s favorite.

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