Damn Bears

That was the subject line of the email from my dad this morning (just to give you the idea of where I get my Bears feelings).  Here was my response to him, and I figured it was worth putting up here, instead of trying to write it again:

Yeah, the Bears are making me like violently angry (which I’m
admitting is something I need to not let bother me as much as I do).

First off, the Defense has actually looked fantastic this whole
season really (and do note that 7 points came on the kick return when
we were attempting to do an onside kick, and 7 points came off of an
interception returned for a touchdown.  So the defense only allowed
23 points, and one of those touchdowns in the fourth quarter was
clearly a “we’re so exhausted from putting far more effort into this
game than the offense” type of drive).  So don’t get down on the D,
they were ridiculously short handed, and still played a HELL of a
game.  Every single game this season the defense has absolutely shut
down the other team for the majority of the game (even the Cowboys

And Hester is just other-worldly good, so we set the offense up for
success, and they just plain suck.  I’m so tired of the “the Bears
are a defensive team blah blah.”  Why?!  Why can’t we have a decent
offense sometime?  And this was the year our offense was supposed to
be impressive.  And we heard so many things in the preseason about
“oh Hester’s going to be used on the offense, and Olsen’s going to
stretch the field” and all other kinds of crap that they just haven’t
done.  I think this coaching staff is just offensively impotent.
They can’t do anything.

And Cedric Benson is a waste of freakin time.  We should have dumped
him instead of Thomas Jones.  I couldn’t have imagined how much I
would miss Thomas Jones, but I can’t stand Benson.

We’re just a mess.  I was so frustrated with that game yesterday, I
can hardly express it.  That was just deflating (it’s like watching
your closer in baseball give up a 3 run lead, when you desperately
needed the win).  I don’t know when we’ll win again to be honest.
Ron Turner might need to go.  I’m sick of watching this offense out
of sync, and I know we have talent (also the receivers need to catch
the freakin ball, side note).

So yeah, go Cubs to say the least.  At least I have a team to root
for that’s doing something right now.


1 thought on “Damn Bears”

  1. Is it sad that if the Bears suck I will gladly switch over to rooting for the Packers because they have a quarterback whose name I have recognized longer than any other current player? The Pack is 4-0? I feel all like “good for you Oldy McFavreson”, teach those kids a few things about quarterbacking and not turning the ball over once a game for every year you’ve been alive.

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