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New Car’d

So I bought a new car. My last two cars now have both had transmissions die, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for this one. It’s a Hyundai Elantra 2005.

And as always, with the dawn of one age comes the death of another (and I tend to be sentimental about this kind of stuff, in case you haven’t read my blog much).

My beloved Saturn is officially gone (you might remember I hit 200,000 miles with it). I’ve owned a lot of cars so far in my young car owning life, but this one was officially my favorite thus far. We had a lot of good times together (such as getting stuck between two strip malls). I also had many, many long trips, and I may or may not secretly follow who ends up with it, just to see how many miles get put on it before it really bites the dust.

So I bid you adieu Saturn SW2. May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

6 thoughts on “New Car’d”

  1. oh, saturn! how i’ll miss you. you were extremely fun to drive home from sandusky. and i loved your cruise control decelerate feature.

    beautiful new car, morgan!

  2. Alas, farewell to the Saturn! Tom and I have an Elantra that we like (he’s had it for several years now–2003, I think–and it’s treating us well).

  3. This is a big day for you. Sorry to hear about the Saturn. It was nice of the tow-truck guy to drive it out of sight before he shot it.

  4. Congratulation Friend! I can not wait to cruise the mean streets of Chicago with you in your shiniest and most blue car to date. Totally sweet.

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