NFL First Guessing – Week 5

What did I tell you about last week?  I knew I was picking way too many favorites, and because of that my picks were 6-8 (I suppose it could have been a lot worse).  I should have known better.

And the Bears piss me off, but I posted my thoughts on that earlier in the week, so I won’t go into more detail on that.

One thing I would like to complain about though.

NFL Refs

One of the things I like so much about baseball is the lack of an instant replay for the umps.  I would possibly be up for instant replay being used for plate plays (ie the Rockies game the other day) or even home run calls, but if you watch baseball they get the calls right 99% of the time, which is remarkable.

NFL Refs on the other hand, ever since the whole concept of challenging came out, calls have just gone through the toilet.  There are way too many plays I see where the call is pretty obvious, but the refs just let it go because they know the correct call will be made with a challenge.  It’s so irritating, and since instant replay is used, I’m assuming the refs are just scared because people are going to see whether or not they made the correct call within seconds.

But that shouldn’t detract from making correct calls!  Come on refs!

So that’s my rant for this week.

Quick fantasy update:  I ALMOST won all three games last week, but lousy Tom Brady had 3 more points than I wanted him to get, and so I lost by 3.  But I won easily in my other two leagues.  Ronnie Brown has suddenly emerged as my hero (fantasy wise).  One league in which I’m 1-3, I actually have the 3rd most points in the league, I just keep playing the team that has the most points for the week every week.  So hopefully, that’s turning around.

Okay so now onto the picks.  Only 4 home underdogs this week, so this should be a little easier.

Last Week Record:  6-8
Season Record:  37-25

Atlanta @ Tennessee

Joey Harrington is actually not looking too bad.  It’s too bad the rest of the team blows.  I’m so glad I passed on Dunn and Norwood in my fantasy drafts.

Miami @ Houston

I gotta tell you with Ahman Green and Andre Johnson, I don’t know what weapons Houston really has (Ron Dayne and Andre Davis?).  But I’m rooting for them.  Oh and Miami sucks (but keep on trucking Ronnie!).

Jacksonville @ Kansas City

I think Jacksonville is over rated, but Kansas City is 2-2?  That just seems wrong too.

Arizona @ St. Louis

I gotta tell you, I don’t know if St. Louis wins this year.  Seriously.  That’s even harder than going undefeated, but they’ve got an honest to God shot at it.

Cleveland @ New England

Man this would be quite the upset.  But it’s just not gonna happen.  I’m rooting for it though.

Carolina @ New Orleans

I’ve picked New Orleans every game this season, and that hasn’t worked out so well so far.  But they’ve gotta be able to win this one from the hurting Panthers right?

NY Jets @ NY Giants

Well I’ve gotta pick an upset somewhere, may as well be this one.  The Giants are once again hit or miss this year, and the Jets are better than they’ve been playing.  At least I think.

Seattle @ Pittsburgh

Hmmm, Seattle is a pretty good team, and Pittsburgh comes off a really disappointing win.  Upset number 2 of the week.  This should be a GREAT game though.

Detroit @ Washington

I mentioned this to my brother-in-law, but I could easily see the Lions making the playoffs with a wild card this year, and getting crushed by a better team.  But I do think they’re on the rise.  That offense is fantastic, but not every team is going to gift you a couple turnovers in the fourth quarter like the Bears tend to do.

Tampa Bay @ Indianapolis

Man, Tampa, what the hell?  Where did they come from?  With the oldest receivers/quarterback tandem in the league, and the most vicious unforeseeable rushing attack.  But remember never bet against Indy at home. Never.

San Diego @ Denver

Either San Diego gets pissed and rebounds this week with a big time performance.  Or they feel sorry for themselves and are done.  I pick the former.

Baltimore @ San Francisco

Trent Dilfer against Baltimore?  Umm yeah.

Chicago @ Green Bay

Either Chicago gets pissed and rebounds this week with a big time performance.  Or they feel sorry for themselves and are done.  Unfortunately, I think the latter.  What I do want to see is an actual gameplan by the coaches, with ACTUAL adjustments made.  And by adjustments, I don’t mean throwing the ball 52 times because you can’t do anything else.  Honestly guys, GAMEPLAN!  I watched New England, and they knew what they needed to do against Cincinnati, and they did it.  Everytime I watch the Bears play, it’s like they’re sooo surprised when a team does exactly what it’s done in every game, and they have no clue how to respond or attack those weaknesses.  To be honest, I think we may have even had this problem last year, but our defense got so many turnovers that they made up for it.

This HAS to change.  And it has to change now, or else we may honestly be on the way to a 4-12 or 5-11 season.  I’m totally serious.  I’m tired of this coaching staff never being able to adjust and just getting lucky.  Let’s win a game for real.  I’m rooting for it, I’m just skeptical.

And Devin Hester is just amazing.  Just amazing.

Dallas @ Buffalo

I hate that Dallas is doing well, but they’re doing wonders for my fantasy team.

Alright, so go Bears.  And maybe the Cubs will still be alive tomorrow too.

We’ll see.  I’m hoping for it, but am skeptical.  In other words, I’m a Chicago fan.

1 thought on “NFL First Guessing – Week 5”

  1. 2 “wow” wins this week:

    1. San Diego
    2. Pittsburgh

    Those two teams basically said “the AFC isn’t a two team race yet”

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