NFL First Guessing – Week 8

So I did not post my picks last week, and I’ve been in the midst of moving and packing, so I don’t really have time this week to post many thoughts either, so I’m just going to post my picks.  For all 3 of you that actually read these, I apologize.  I should be back to my normal form next week.

Last Week: 9-5
Two Weeks Ago:  7-6
Season Record:  63-40

Detroit @ Chicago

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati

Indianapolis @ Carolina

Oakland @ Tennessee

Cleveland @ St. Louis

NY Giants @ Miami

Philadelphia @ Minnesota

 Buffalo @ NY Jets

Houston @ San Diego
Jacksonville @ Tampa Bay

New Orleans @ San Francisco

Washington @ New England

Green Bay @ Denver

Not that interesting of picks, but I just don’t have time to make interesting picks at the moment. Are the Bears back in the hunt?  We’ll see, but they’ve at least made the season more possible.

4 thoughts on “NFL First Guessing – Week 8”

  1. I’m one!

    So my pre-season predictions are all blown out of the water with the Lions beating the Bears TWICE in one season. (I didn’t think they could be them twice in one decade.)

    I’m still not buying that the Lions are a playoff team, but I’m starting to be swayed. Does this mean that–gulp!–Matt Millen deserves some credit?!?

  2. I’m the other one 🙂

    We have the big matchup of unbeaten giants this coming week. However I’m starting to pay very close attention to the Chargers again. They just picked up a good receiver (Chambers) to bolster the passing game, and they seem to be playing great football on both sides of the ball right now. They had a rough start to the season, but they certainly have the talent to be one of the top teams in football. I think after New England and Indy, they’re the third best team. I would favor them over Dallas, Green Bay, and Pittsburgh right now.

    Oh, and because I have to say something about the Pats…the numbers Brady is putting up are absolutely incredible. 30 TD and 2 INT at the half-way mark. Randy Moss is also on pace to tie the single season receiving TD mark of 22 set by Jerry Rice in ’87.

    Pats are favored by 4 in Indy this week…I think they win by 7-10.

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