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Me Neither, I Was Just Asking – Family Events

Have you ever met a girl at a family event, thought to yourself “hey, she’s pretty cute, maybe I’ll test the flirting waters a little bit,” then after about two hours have it suddenly occur to you that though you haven’t met before, you are in fact related to her?  Me neither, I was just asking.

Florida Trip – Day 5

Not much to mention on this day either.  Went golfing in the morning with my grandfather, my father, and my brother in law.  I don’t think I’ve ever really talked about him before on here, but let me tell you about my grandfather. He is quite the character.  We call him Bomp (though his real name is Ty).  He’s 86 years old and is a Kentucky boy through and through. .. Read More

Florida Trip – Day 4

Well this was Thanksgiving day, so not much to mention here, other than the fact that I ate a lot of food, hung out with some relatives I have not seen in a long time, and watched a lot of football, all in the comfort of high 70s.  It was fantastic. That’s all really.