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Florida Trip – Day 5

Not much to mention on this day either.  Went golfing in the morning with my grandfather, my father, and my brother in law.  I don’t think I’ve ever really talked about him before on here, but let me tell you about my grandfather.

He is quite the character.  We call him Bomp (though his real name is Ty).  He’s 86 years old and is a Kentucky boy through and through.  His favorite food is leaf lettuce with green onions and bacon grease.  He loves to gamble and once said to a female blackjack dealer “That’s not what you said last night” (this was when he was 81).  He told me on Thanksgiving that his goal is to live to 150 and be killed by a jealous husband.  Literally everyday he says something new like that.

He’s also amazingly competitive, and if you are competitive as well, he is amazingly frustrating to play any sort of game with (especially golf).  Well luckily I’m not that competitive, so playing golf with him is just immensely amusing, especially when I whip his ass, like today.  Unfortunately no one kept score, so I can’t officially rub it in his face.

I love him to death, and I continually thank God for making my family so full of characters.  I could probably do a profile on every one of them, but I’ll let their characters come through in my stories instead.

But Bomp is definitely one of the best characters in my family, and we love him for it.

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