NFL First Guessing – Week 10

Sheesh, I have not been coming through on these columns with my usual gusto, and for that I apologize.  Is it because I’m too busy wondering if the Bears last year were just a fluke?  Is it because I’m wondering if Lovie Smith is not the coach I thought he was?  Is it because I’m wondering if there is any hope at all for the Bears?  Probably.

I’ve been telling everyone that I’m officially a Lions fan for the rest of the year, because at least they’re playing with heart.  The Bears are just playing like they don’t even care, or that they think wins should be handed to them.  And teams have figured out our defense, so now not only is our offense bad, as it usually is, but it’s not even being covered by the D anymore.

I seriously don’t know what else to say.  The Bears are the most frustrating team to watch this season.  Moreso than the 0-7 teams, because this team went to the freakin Super Bowl.  We know they’re better than this.

Oh well.  Go Lions.

On to the picks for this week.

Last Week:  10-4
Season Record: 83-47

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh

I could totally see Cleveland pulling off the upset in this game, but that’s a really hard pick to make.  You would think that if any rivalry would get Pittsburgh going it would probably be this one, since Cleveland is kind of they’re annoying little brother.  I have to say though, I’m really enjoying seeing Cleveland do pretty well this year.

Minnesota @ Green Bay

I’m so envious of Adrian Peterson it’s ridiculous.  Here we are with freakin Cedric Benson.  Ugh.

Philadelphia @ Washington

I guess maybe the only team I feel more sorry about is Philly.  They’ve been pretty disappointing too.

Jacksonville @ Tennessee

Jacksonville’s a mess.

Atlanta @ Carolina

I don’t really have anything to say about this game except this.

Denver @ Kansas City

Just a gut feeling on this one.  Larry Johnson out (which means one of my fantasy teams is now with out LJ and Ronnie Brown, making me pretty much completely screwed), just a feeling.

Buffalo @ Miami

Are Miami and St. Louis playing each other this year?  Because I think that’s probably the only way I’m taking either of them in a pick.

St. Louis @ New Orleans

Like I said.

Cincinnati @ Baltimore

Eh, why not?  Cincy has to win at some point right?

Chicago @ Oakland

Why on Earth are we favored in this game?  And why am I taking us?  I guess if we’re going to win any game, this will probably be the one.

Dallas @ NY Giants

This should be a heck of a game, and I want to take New York, but they just seem a little shakier than Dallas.

Detroit @ Arizona

How is Arizona favored in this game?  Maybe the whole nation is feeling this way.  Well I’m a Lions fan now remember, and they should whip up on Arizona.

Indianapolis @ San Diego

Dangit, I wanted Indy to win that game last week.  Freakin Pats.  Well I don’t see who they’re going to lose to this season, then, if Indy couldn’t finish them off.  So at least I won’t have to hear about the 72 Dolphins anymore.

San Francisco @ Seattle

Talk about a couple more disappointing teams.

Well my record ain’t half bad this year, although my team is more than half bad.

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